Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast–Days 23-27.


Lbs Lost- 42.6

  • Headaches – None.
  • Sleep – Good!
  • Energy – Good!
  • Stomach Pain – None
  • Motivation – He is up and down.
  • Hunger – He is hungry.


Lbs lost- 28

  • Headaches – None!!
  • Sleep – Great!!
  • Energy – Low right now.
  • Stomach Pain – None.
  • Motivation – High on day 23 and 24 but very low on 25 -27!!
  • Hunger – I’m hungry!!

On Day 23 and 24, things were almost easy!! I was feeling good, my energy was up and I wasn’t very hungry.  I went to the gym all week and I even got some blood work done, and the results were great.  Then, I don’t know what happened but things got rough.

The last 3 days have been really hard, I have only lost 3 pounds this week and  there is very little keeping me encouraged.  I feel tired, worn out and I just really want to eat something.  I am just hoping I can trudge through this weekend and hopefully it will get better next week!!

On a more positive note, I do have a recipe to share it is the best juice ever!!!  I don’t know if my taste buds are just completely changed, but it tasted just like orange sherbert!!

Just make equal parts of Pineapple, Papaya, and Orange

I keep forgetting to warn you, but the juice leaves a horrible film on your teeth.  I think it is because we are juicing only,  if you are just replacing a meal or two I don’t think it will happen to you.

27 down 33 to go!!

Beth and Ryan