Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast – Days 8-10.


Lbs Lost- 29

  • Headaches – None.
  • Sleep – Good, finds it hard to stay awake at night and is craving a little more down time.
  • Energy – Normal.
  • Stomach Pain – None
  • Motivation –Wavering,  craving food!!
  • Hunger – None.


Lbs lost- 18

  • Headaches – One significant migraine on day 8, but none the rest of the time.
  • Sleep – AMAZING!!!
  • Energy – The last 3 days I went to spin class, yoga, and kettlebells and feel great.  I am back to a somewhat normal workout routine!!
  • Stomach Pain – None, my stomach is great!!
  • Motivation – Motivation is high!
  • Hunger – There is no more physical hunger, it is all mental at this point.

The last few days were good, I had one intense migraine which was awful, but since then my body has been great.  Physically my energy is up, I still have a little dip in the afternoon which isn’t abnormal for me even when I’m not juicing.   My stomach feels amazing, no bloating, no cramping.  I have not had a peaceful stomach for most of my life, so for me this is huge!!  At this point it is all mental, passing my favorite Indian restaurant and wanting some Butter Chicken, making the kids PB&J’s and wanting to eat the jar of peanut butter!! In those times, I just keep telling myself that it will be over but and I will eat again!  One thing that happened this week which was incredibly encouraging was our Pastor at Church preached on diet, which he never does.  He talked about how Daniel and his 3 friends only ate vegetables and water for 3 years and they were healthier and smarter than all the others.  It definitely reaffirmed what we were doing to change our lives and get healthy!!

We have still been experimenting in the kitchen trying different combinations of fruits and veggies (I still CANNOT do an all veggie mix).  I figured since this is a foodie blog I should add a few of my favorite recipes ( I will try to add one every post).  So far this one’s my favorite, it is very mild and refreshing a good juice to start with, enjoy:

1 Cucumber

1 Cup of Watermelon

1 Orange

1 Carrot (optional)

10 Days Down, 50 to go!! ( I can’t wait to say 49 days to go, it just seems so much less than 50!!)

Beth and Ryan

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