Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast – Day 5,6 &7.


Lbs Lost- 27.4

  • Headaches – Mild headaches throughout the day.
  • Sleep – Good, but I was up late a few nights and my energy levels were really low the next day.
  • Energy – Not Great.
  • Stomach Pain – Mild side pain.
  • Motivation –Not great,  craving food!!
  • Hunger – More Intense!


Lbs lost- 16

  • Headaches – Headaches on and off.
  • Sleep – I have been sleeping so well, but I have noticed that if I don’t get around 9 hours of sleep I have headaches the next day and my energy is low.
  • Energy – I made it through spin class with energy to spare on day 5, but then day 6 &  7 were a struggle.
  • Stomach Pain – My stomach is better.
  • Motivation – Motivation is high,  due to the fact that my energy levels are good and the weight is melting off!
  • Hunger – I am still having cravings for food but they come less often!  Food commercials are the worst.

We are doing OK, the weight is melting off, but I am still having headaches and abdominal cramping.  Ryan is struggling with fatigue, headaches and stomach aches.  While my energy is pretty good, I cannot keep my eyes open after 9 pm and trying to watch a Sunday football game without junk food was excruciating!!!  On day 6 Ryan broke and had 3 bites of chicken off the kids plates but he says he won’t do it again.  All I can say is we made it through a week of juicing, I couldn’t be more proud of Ryan and I am looking forward to all the amazing transformations to come. 7 days down 53 to go!!

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