Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast–Days-16&17.


Lbs Lost- 32

  • Headaches – None.
  • Sleep – Good!
  • Energy – Great, he even went to the gym today!!
  • Stomach Pain – None
  • Motivation –His motivation is high!!
  • Hunger – The day off really helped with his motivation, energy and hunger!!


Lbs lost- 23

  • Headaches – None!!
  • Sleep – Great until I was awoken by a sick kid at 3:30AM!!
  • Energy – Finally got the chance to exercise today and I feel so much better!!
  • Stomach Pain – I had some bloating and stomach discomfort today.
  • Motivation – Much better, I think the depression was brought on by 4 days out of the gym.
  • Hunger – I have been hungry.

So I was awoken this morning by my son standing next to my bed staring at me and reeking of vomit!!  Between my motivation wavering on this diet and a sick kid I figured it was over for me today.  But I am happy to say I DID IT!!! It actually turned out to be a great day, he wasn’t actually sick (no fever, no continuous stomach pain).  I even made it to the gym and what a difference that made!! I feel a ton better, I think mentally I was drained.  So I am still hungry, I found it more difficult to get through my kettlebells class tonight but I am glad I went.

Oh and I have a new favorite recipe to share!!

2 cucumbers

1 cup of spinach

2 oranges

4 strawberries

A little strawberry goes a long way to sweeten the juice!!

17 days down 43 to go!!

Beth and Ryan