Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast–Days 18-22.


Lbs Lost- 39

  • Headaches – None.
  • Sleep – Good!
  • Energy – Good!
  • Stomach Pain – None
  • Motivation –His motivation is high!!
  • Hunger – He is much better now that our wonderful nutritionist, Dina Juve modified the diet for him!!


Lbs lost- 25.8

  • Headaches – None!!
  • Sleep – Great!!
  • Energy – I have had a cold for the last couple days but I am feeling much better today, I even made it to yoga!!
  • Stomach Pain – Most of the time my stomach is great, but about once a week I get bloating and abdominal pain.
  • Motivation – Motivation is high!!
  • Hunger – I have been really hungry, super-bowl Sunday was hard!!

Sorry, it’s been a few days since I last posted. Lots of good things have happened!!  We met with a fantastic nutritionist, Dina Juve, who is going to give us advice and monitor us through the rest of our juice fast.  She was able to help Ryan take off those pounds that he had put on from his day off, and he is back losing again!! She also gave me a plan to slowly move back into food once I hit my goal weight, so I don’t gain it all back overnight.

Since Ryan is 6’7 she thought he needed a little more substance.  So she has him eating 2-4oz of lean protein and a cup of vegetables 2-3 times a day with 2 8-16 oz juices.  Not only is he losing at a more rapid rate he is also much happier!! She also designed a plan for me to transition slowly back to food once I hit my goal weight.  I am going to do 3-5 days of raw vegetables with the juice, then 3-5 days of juice, raw vegetables and fruit.  Followed by 3-5 days of juice, raw vegetables, fruit and cooked vegetables.  Finally I will add 3-5 days of whole grains then  lean protein, until I am back on a well rounded meal plan.  I will be trying to add about a 100 calories a week back to my diet until I reach 1,200 calories a day.  I will keep posting through that transition and tell you how it goes!

Another exciting transition has been my taste-buds!! They have finally changed, over the last few days I have been able to do juices that are 80% vegetable 20% fruit.  I actually find the juices that are 50/50 much too sweet now.  And more good news after seeing us shrinking my friend Amy has jumped on the juicing band-wagon!! She just finished day 4 today and she is hanging tough!!

I also want to congratulate my husband for sticking to this juice fast on Super-bowl Sunday.  Some people may not think it is a big deal but for him it was a HUGE milestone!!!

22 days down 38 to go!!

Beth and Ryan!!

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