Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast–Day 13-15.


Lbs Lost- 35

  • Headaches – None.
  • Sleep – Good!
  • Energy – Great after he took a day off!!
  • Stomach Pain – None
  • Motivation –Better than ever after his day off!
  • Hunger – He was really hungry.


Lbs lost- 21

  • Headaches – None!!
  • Sleep –  STILL AMAZING, it’s like 1st trimester pregnancy sleep!  A bomb could go off in my room and I would sleep right through it!!
  • Energy – My energy is decent, but I haven’t had time to exercise the last 3 days!!
  • Stomach Pain – Good!!
  • Motivation – Low, I have hit the depression stage in the diet.
  • Hunger – I have been hungry but on days that I do not exercise I try to only drink 2 juices.

Well I was hoping it wouldn’t happen but it has, I have officially hit the depression stage of the diet.  This usually doesn’t come on until about week 12 but I think since this has been so extreme it has come on sooner. The scale and this blog are the only thing keeping me motivated.  I recommend if you REALLY want to do this, tell as many people about it as you possibly can to keep you on target, because you will want to stop.  I have hit that point where I am battling myself in my head, trying to find reasons to cheat and a more “reasonable” date to call it quits. I really want to quit right now, throw in the towel and give up but  I am just going to take it one day at a time.  I figure every day that I can make it after this point is great and I am going to proud of how far I have made it.

Ryan took the day off today and it was good for him!!  He is motivated to start juicing again in the morning and he is hoping that it doesn’t set him back to much on his weight loss journey!  He thoroughly enjoyed himself but he did say his stomach has shrunk a bit and the food he ate didn’t taste as good as he thought it would.

I am off to enjoy another wonderful night of sleep!!

15 days down 45 to go!!

Beth and Ryan!!

One thought on “Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast–Day 13-15.

  1. I am on day 15. Just googled in "juice fast day 15 want to quit." I just went back to work as a ranch hand after many months out of work (construction) and have atrophied alot it seems.

    I am SO sore and feel angry for the first time. I probably drink about 2500-3000 cals in juice a day…many glasses. Now I can't seem to get enough and all I can think of is a fat raw vegan burrito w/ a ton of nut cheese thrown in (so much for my Essene Fruitarian lifestyle.

    This is KILLING me.
    Thanks for letting me vent. Refreshing to see I'm not the only one.


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