Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast – Day 3 & 4.


Lbs Lost- 23

  • Headaches – Mild headaches throughout the day.
  • Sleep – Good, woke up to pee alot  🙂
  • Energy – Excellent in morning, lower in afternoon but improving
  • Stomach Pain –none
  • Motivation –Better than yesterday, still craving food though.
  • Hunger – getting less intense


Lbs lost- 13

  • Headaches – My headaches are gone today!!
  • Sleep – Again a great night’s sleep, I think kicking my caffeine addiction has helped me get amazing sleep!
  • Energy – I’m still feeling sluggish in the late afternoon, but my overall energy is good.
  • Stomach Pain – Still am having mild cramping.
  • Motivation – Motivation is high right now, this has been a good day!
  • Hunger – I am still having cravings for food but they come less often.

OK, so I missed a day posting yesterday, I had way to much going on but I think it helped.   I kept really busy the last two days and it really helped keep my mind off food.  I haven’t had as many withdrawal symptoms as I thought I would have, but I just want to eat something.  After reading a lot of blogs they say that  the food cravings lessen after the first 5 days, so we’ll keep you posted on that.  Since my energy is so high I am going to try to go to my usual spin class in the morning and see how it goes, I’ll let you know if I make it. 4 Days down 56 Days to go!!

Beth and Ryan

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