Beth & Ryan’s Juice Fast–Day 11 & 12.


Lbs lost- 30

  • Headaches – Yes, he is feeling sick.
  • Sleep – He has had to stay up late working 2 days in a row, so he is very tired!
  • Energy – Low, probably due to lack of sleep.
  • Stomach Pain – None!!
  • Motivation – Very low.
  • Hunger – Hungry, hates this diet.


Lbs lost- 19

  • Headaches – None.
  • Sleep – I slept 10 hours last night!!
  • Energy – Good, still having a little trouble in the afternoon but I am able to maintain a rigorous workout schedule.
  • Stomach Pain – My stomach feels better than it ever has before!!
  • Motivation – High.
  • Hunger – Again not truly hungry but definitely craving everything and anything!!

I would say the best thing about this diet is that there is no meal planning or calorie counting.  Other diets I have done where I have to write down every bite get excruciatingly tedious and I usually end up giving up!! The other great thing about this plan is just how fast the weight does come off.

The hard part about this diet is that you can really get sucked into obsessing about food. Your brain is just hard wired to eat, I guess it is kind of like quitting smoking.  Even after the physical cravings stop the emotional cravings persist.  It is honestly a little depressing, I think we derive so much pleasure from food that when you don’t eat it is hard to find things to get excited about.  I have been trying to plan things in my day, events and activities with my kids to fill the food void.

On a more positive note, we did have a wonderful date the other night and we didn’t even go to a movie!!  We went for a juice at a local supermarket that does fresh juicing and then went and got an herbal tea.  It was nice just to be together and talk. It is so great to have a partner in this.

Oh, last thing, if your pee turns pink it’s just the beets!!

12 days down, 48 to go!!

Beth and Ryan

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