What’s in the G-Free Foodie Box? Lots to be Thankful for.

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Can you believe it’s November? I swear I was just wearing a tank top & flips flops. (I do live in California, so I guess it wasn’t that long ago.)
We just had our annual Pomegranate Squeeze and Harvest Party, signalling the official end of our family’s crazy-busy period and the end of the year. With everything we’ve had going on at G-Free Foodie, it seems like it’s all flown by!
Here’s what our Gluten Free & Gluten Free + Dairy Free members boxes contained – plus they got recipes, servings ideas & other Members-Only info & COUPONS.

  • INNA Jam INNA pinch Spearmint Sneak Preview: The INNA crew makes fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit sourced within 150 miles of thier Emeryville kitchen, and when I tried Seascape Strawberry, I was in jam-tastic love. Then INNA founder Dafna slipped me a taste of her newest creation, INNA pinch Spearmint! She’s deciding between Recipe #1 & #2, and I loved them both enough to score you some before it even officially hits the INNA shelves! It’s perfect on Grilled Lamb, obviously, but it does fabulous things for English Peas, to brighten up pesto or chocolate cakes + icing too.
  • Inka Chips Plantain Chips: It’s party season, and I must confess: I get SO Sick of corn chips I can’t stand myself. So often that’s the safe bet, and this year I’m already tired of them and I haven’t even wrapped (or bought!) a gift yet. So, I thought I’d send you a little relief: my favorite Plantain chips. They’re sturdy enough to use as crostini too, so let your tastebuds run wild.
  • Oren’s Kitchen Indian Ajwain Cashews (GF): You’ve never heard of Ajwain? You aren’t alone. Common in Indian and African cuisine, Ajwain has a Cumin-like flavor, and I simply love it. When I tasted Chef Arnon Oren’s slow roasted spiced cashews, I bought 5 bags so I could make other people try them. They’re unique and original, must most importantly, they’re delicious. I’ve tossed them in popcorn and in salads, and I gave our members a recipe because I always do, but here’s the truth: you should eat them by themselves, or with cheese & wine maybe. That’s it.
  • Sumner Peck Ranch Roasted Pistachios (GFDF): Freshly roasted California pistachios, straight from the farmer! We all love the huge pistachios we get at the Sumner Peck Ranch Fruit Stand, and I knew our members would love them too.
  • Just Pure Foods Crispy Onion Rings: My family never made green bean casserole. I didn’t try green beans coated with canned soup & onion crunchies until I was in middle school, and I didn’t understand the draw. Then we created a version with fresh mushrooms and green beans at the request of a reader, and OMG, I got it. (gfreefoodie.com for the recipe) and I started making homemade crispy shallots to top soup, chili, and of course, green beans. Then, finally, Justin from Just Pure got it right: these are the best GF Crispy Onions I’ve ever had. You’re welcome.
  • Raizana DigesTea & Infuser: We had such a great response to the Raizana Teas samples we sent out, we decided to send more! And how could we not choose their DigesTea? A special, caffiene free blend created to settle tummies that’s as delicious as it is soothing. Passionflower, Spearmint, and Chamomile with a hint of Dill, this brew works hot or iced, and is gentle enough for kiddos. I couldn’t send this fabulous tea & not send an infuser, right? So I did. I also love tea-infused recipes, and I included an incredible pumpkin soup in the newsletter.

Special Gift + Bonus

  • Our members scored a Full Size Product & a Gift from Gluten Free Mama! We’re so grateful for our G-Free Foodie Box Club Members, we decided November’s Bonus needed to be full-sized. Plus, Gluten Free Mama sent a gift too!
  • Mary’s Free Range Poultry: We tucked some information about our friends at Mary’s Free Range in your shipment. Their poultry products are simply the best and 100% Gluten Free, so you’ll never have to worry about Turkey, Chicken or Duck from Mary’s.
All the love, and our thanks –

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