The TOMATOES ARE HERE & other reasons to Celebrate –

I started growing tomatoes in grammar school, in a small flowerbed that was MINE.  I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my life working on tomato-growth mastery, plus engaging in debates on hybrid vs. heirloom, summer salad vs. caprese – the world’s big problems.  I then found the website of my current tomato-plant dealer, Laurel, who is far more obsessed than I am (which made me feel both excited & normal, so that worked out.)  After last year’s near crop failure (which my friends wisely do not bring up) I’ve built a raised bed, bought night crawlers, & have been anxiously awaiting my shipment of  organically grown heirloom tomato plants, which arrived today. I am so excited I can hardly stand myself.  Freely willing to admit that I’m super-annoying today.

In other May 4th news, we moved into our G-Free Foodie product shipping space today and will launch our website tomorrow.  Exciting & nerve-racking stuff to be certain, but slightly overshadowed by my tomato shipment arrival.  Excellent chance that I will not sleep at all tonight and that I will be in near-flip out status tomorrow morning, which ought to make a good Cinco de Mayo 2010 story for my friends at a Catina tomorrow night.

Also, my husband arrived home with a completely delicious gluten-free cake with “Congratulations on the Website” written on it, which means I will be eating G-Free dark chocolate cake that I didn’t bake while I’m up all night, a totally awesome surprise.

I’m really, really proud of our site, I hope you all love it & that you’ll love our products too.  And I hope these damn tomatoes grow.

5 thoughts on “The TOMATOES ARE HERE & other reasons to Celebrate –

  1. I live in a small town in PA, I wish there was a bakery around here to make a GF gorgeous cake,like the one he found you! That I didnt have to make myself:)) Congrats on your tomatoes, and good luck. This is my first year of making a garden! Im praying it turns out good! I live on Veggies and there sooo expensive at the grocery store. Last year, I hit the fruit and veggie stands around here. And for the first time learned how to freeze and can myself!! Its definately a rich man’s disease! So we GF Foodies have to stick together and learn as much as we can to save ourselves. I’ve learned so much in the last year! I too try to find every website and cookbook I can possibly find, I feel like I could write a book now! I’m a hair stylist and I have helped so many clients from my truth serum chair, be diagnosed! From how to take care of themselves, grocery stores that have food for us, to websites that are must reads and yours will surely be at the top of my list! Congrats again, your doing great!!

  2. I found this site via Bing and just wanted to take some time to thank you for writing about these great growing tips. I will be sure to bookmark this site. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks to all of you for the feedback! Pam & Delcie – Laurel the Tomato dealer is such a resource for gardening tips, be sure to check out her site.

    It’s true that G-Free grocery shopping can be more expensive, but be sure to talk with you tax preparer on writing off the difference as a medical expense! I’ll have a blog post coming up with more info on that too.
    We are here to help, let us know how & thanks again!

  4. Hey, clicked from yahoo to your website and it appeard wierd but after refresh all displayed fine. Just thought id let you know and keep up the good work

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