Bakery On Main – Gluten Free Giveaway!

We’re not gonna lie to you. Sometimes we give our kids (and ourselves) weird stuff for breakfast when we’re trying to get everybody out the door.

So, we kinda feel like the Universe delivered us a gift when Bakery on Main sent us samples of their Gluten Free certified, non-GMO Instant Oatmeal to try. And that was before we knew they kicked up the nutrition by added chia, flax, quinoa & amaranth.

We’re ordering cases of the Maple Multigrain Muffin flavor for each of our houses. It’s crazy good.

The flavors in the Apple Pie oatmeal are clean & natural (throw some bananas in it, delish!), and kids will love the Strawberry Shortcake flavor. (KC might* have topped that one with fresh strawberries & Greek yogurt and not shared. Possibly.)

We thought we’d help the Universe give you a gift, too. Your mornings have got to be almost as crazy as ours – let’s make them healthy & tasty!

Bakery on Main has agreed to give one of our readers samples of all three flavors, plus their traditional instant oatmeal! Don’t you just love them?


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We’re picking Winners April 3rd! Good luck!

26 thoughts on “Bakery On Main – Gluten Free Giveaway!

  1. Cold wooden floors, dark hallways and many unfinished tasks greet me when I wake up 45 miles away from my office at 5 am. The dog stares at me, wagging his tail by the door, he wants to go for a run. Miles of pavement call my name; I need to train for my summer 5k season, but also be at work on time. Time is of the essence. But I must find a simple to prepare, healthy and nutrient dense morning meal to keep my energy level up, and prepare me for the day. I haven't even ironed my pants yet!
    Now that's a challenging morning.

  2. My Biggest Morning Challenge is trying to find something quick but nutritious to eat in a household that contains gluten. I live with 3 other people who do not have celiac/gluten allergies so find something to eat where I do not get CC or have to take a long time in the kitchen is very hard.

  3. My biggest morning challenge is giving my kids a nutritious healthy breakfast so that they are fueled for the school day and after school sports.
    these sound delicious and I would love to try them

  4. My biggest morning challenge is to get my two kids, plus two dogs (one of whom is sick…the dog, not the kid), up and ready to go for the day. I am the only one in my house that is gluten intolerant, but trying to get my kids to eat a breakfast that is nutritious is just as crazy as trying to find me something to eat.

  5. My biggest morning challenge is making something my daughter will eat. She and I are both gluten-free, so I'd love to try these. Thanks!

  6. My morning challenge is breakfast. Being a poor college student I don't get many options for breakfast. And on top of that I have to eat gluten free so my options are even slimmer. I'm lucky if I get and unbruised banana or a good tasting orange. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I barely get anything to eat. Having the option to eat oatmeal would give me the energy I need to start my day right and help me to stay awake in class!

  7. My biggest morning challenge is finding something that doesn't take 1/2 hour to fix for breakfast that is healthy and tastes good. Wanting to make sure I feed my kids good foods that will help them instead of hurt them.

  8. 4 kids, 2 adults, 2 bathrooms….that's a challenge in the morning 🙂 aside from that, being the mom in this crazy house and the only person with celiac, I often forget that it is as important for me to eat a well balanced meal in the a.m. as it is for the rest of my fam…would love to try this, thanks!

  9. Getting up at 4:30 am when it's cold outside. Love riding my bike, practicing yoga and meditating in the early morning hours before watching the sunrise. Once I'm up and get warmed from bike riding I'm okay, it's just that 1st 5 minutes out of bed that is a winter challenge.

  10. My biggest morning challenge is definitely time management- I think I have plenty of time, but then suddenly I'm left with 10 minutes to walk the dog, feed myself, and prepare my bag for the day! These oatmeal packets would make my morning much easier, and more delicious! 🙂

  11. My biggest morning challenge is dragging myself out of bed. Seriously. I'm a night owl. Things have been getting more…interesting…at work, so a good breakfast packed with good ingredients (amaranth is one of my personal favorites) goes a long way in pumping up my energy level and keeping me going throughout the morning. Thank you for this opportunity! :O)

  12. My biggest challenge in the morning is that I am NOT a morning person. One of my boys is the same way, so we're quite the pair; however my other son IS a morning person and runs & talks circles around us!

  13. my biggest morning challenge is getting in a quick healthy breakfast and getting my kid out the door on time!

  14. My biggest morning challenge is that I can't eat too early it makes me sick. I then have to watch for cross contamination because I am the only member of my family that is sensitive to gluten. It gets pretty tricky

  15. My biggest morning challenge is finding something other than smoothies for breakfast. Yes, they are good, but sometimes I want something that I can sit and spoon into my mouth.

  16. My biggest breakfast challenge is having something that is quick to make and eat, as there are three different departure dates for my household. Therefore we must have something that is easy to make, doesn't take long and tastes good. I have 2 people with the issue, and getting them to eat breakfast is about as easy on a work/school day as getting a 8 year old to sleep before Christmas.

  17. My morning challenge is to get breakfast fast and easy, especially at 5:30 AM when I need to be at work early! I am getting tired of a bagel with cheese.

  18. My biggest challenge is making sure the three kids, my husband and I eat a healthy meal. I don't like eating the same thing every day so finding different, healthy and tasty breakfast ideas is also a challenge.

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