Rock Candy


From the blog post by April Peveteaux, Gluten is My B****

Gluten-Free Kryptonite Kake for The Khildren

adapted from The Official DC Comics Superhero Cookbook

Ingredients + Tools

6 cups of sugar
2 cups water
Blue food coloring

2 tall, clean glass jars (I used milk jars)
2 lengths of cotton string, each 2/3rds as long as the jar’s height (Ed note: That instruction should have stopped me in my tracks)
2 pencils or sticks
2 weights to hang on the string (paper clip, washer, something clean)


1. Pour 3 cups of sugar and 1 cup water into two saucepans (for a total of 6 cups sugar, 2 cups water)

2. Heat both mixtures to a boil, constantly stirring. Allow mixture to boil, but for a short time. Stir the sugar until it has completely dissolved. Add a few drops of food coloring to one saucepan.

3. Remove sugar mixture from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

4. Set up your glass jars and pencils by tying the string pieces around the two pencils. Attach a weight to the bottom of the string.

5. Pour cooled clear sugar mixture into one jar, and the blue sugar mixture into the other. Drop the weight first into the center of each jar and rest the pencil across the mouth the of the jar.

6. Wait 7-14 days for sugar crystals to form. Remove string from jar, and chip rock candy off the string.

7. Realize what a huge waste of your time this was given the inexpensiveness of already formed rock candy that is ready as soon as you knock it off the stick.

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