KC's Top Ten Gluten Free Products

It’s been a little while since I updated my favorites list – and there have been so many great new things to try! Here are my new faves – hook yourself up with a G-Free treat, and tell them I sent you!

1- Mariposa Baking Co.’s Sandwich Rolls – there.is.simply.no.better.gluten.free.bread.product.available.currently.on.this.planet. So good. They’re dairy free too. You can send me your thanks in the form of sandwich rolls. You’re welcome.

2- McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix – The best I’ve tried, and it’s gluten free. I’d consider pouring this stuff on a 2×4 and eating it. I’d start experimenting with it, but I don’t want to waste a drop.

3- Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon Slices – I love all the Jones Dairy Farm products that I’ve tried, you can check out their Gluten Free product list here. However, I’m a big fan of the Canadian Bacon, which I have currently been using in a string of Eggs Benedict experiments.

4- Amy’s Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds – the perfect vehicle for my previously mentioned Eggs Benedict experiments, and a great breakfast solution: toasted with a smear of Nutella.

5- Organic Valley Whole Milk Ricotta – I’m so serious about Italian food, most people don’t understand. (But you do, don’t you, Foodies?) The ricotta from organic Valley is full of flavor & creamy – so my recipes are too. I dig it. Check out their list of Gluten Free products.

6- Butter Baked Goods Toasted Coconut Marshmallows – I love them. I tried making my own 6 months ago, and we’re still cleaning up the mess.

7- Sunsweet Plum Amazins – In the name of full disclosure, I will share that my family grows fruit for Sunsweet, which is how they got me to try Plum Amazins in the first place. Now I’m throwing them in chili, soup, stir-fry & anything else that needs a little hit of sweet. My kid is eating these diced dried plums by the handfuls and slappin’ them on cereal. My oatmeal, salads & cookies are enhanced. Way cool. And yummy.

8- Ca’ Momi Brutti Ma Buoni – these traditional Italian cookies (the name means “ugly but good”) are a favorite of mine, and my mother brought me a package of these hazelnut dreams from Ca’ Momi on her way home from the Napa Valley. The next time somebody goes to wine country, they’d better have room in their car to bring home a case. Or twelve.

9- Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Onion Jam – Um, I love this. On sandwiches, a spoonful thrown in a simmering soup, or to thicken a quick pan sauce, this Gluten Free savory jam is simply delish.

10- Dry Soda Cop. Vanilla Bean Soda – What is Dry Soda? It’s adult version soda, all natural with just a touch of sugar, and I LOVE IT. Vanilla Bean is my fave, but I like Blood Orange too.

Try these products out, and tell me what you think!  Let me know what your favorite products are too!

Happy Noshing –


Wanna see the list of products that have made my Top Ten in the past? Check the list out here!

5 thoughts on “KC's Top Ten Gluten Free Products

  1. My boyfriend used McClure's Bloody mix in a gastrique and it was delicious! Definitely would not consider it "waisted" [or wasted!]. It's also quite good with tequila…

  2. Have you tried the white sandwich bread from the new-ish gf bakery on Clovis and Herndon? OMG – to DIE for ! Toasted w/ butter, it's almost like dessert.

    1. Yes – I love "Gluten Free Please" Bakery in Clovis – big fan of the cinnamon doughnuts & broccoli-cheddar muffins. I have to say though, Mariposa Baking Co. is my favorite bread of all time (at least so far!) KC

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