Gluten Intolerance Case Studies

Gluten Intolerance Case Study #1

27 year old male with loose stools, gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, inability to gain weight, acne on back, poor endurance, and hypoglycemic/needing to eat every 2-3 hours. Patient was very athletic and in most respects would be considered extremely healthy.

Allergy testing demonstrated a severe allergy to gluten.

Removal of gluten from his diet resulted in complete resolution of his Irritable Bowel within 2 days. Over time acne cleared, endurance improved dramatically, and he is no longer hypoglycemic.

Gluten Intolerance Case Study #2

24 year old female with a long history of sinus infections including two sinus surgeries, asthma, diarrhea, headaches, chronic fatigue, and dizziness. Food allergy testing was positive for allergies to gluten, dairy, and eggs.

This patient also tested positive for hypothyroidism and iron deficient anemia.

Removal of these foods from the diet and treatment of hypothyroidism and anemia has resulted in significant improvement in energy and the resolution of diarrhea and dizziness. Sinus infections have been greatly reduced, as have headaches, and her health continues to improve with time.

Gluten Intolerance Case Study #3

30 year old female with infertility, gas, bloating, acne, headaches, and insomnia. This patient has been attempting to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years. Her menstrual cycle was consistently abnormally long at 35 days. All female hormone and standard fertility related tests were negative.

Food allergy testing was positive for gluten (a known cause of infertility), dairy, corn, and garlic.

After removal of the food allergens, this patients next menstrual cycle returned to a normal 28 days. Pregnancy next?!

Gluten Intolerance Case Study #4

3 year old with frequent upper respiratory infections and a history of reflux as a baby.

Patient allergic to gluten and dairy and is doing significantly better off these foods. Mother also positive for gluten allergy.

Article Courtesy:  Dr. Stephen Wangen