Gluten Free GIVEAWAY & Review: Glutino Breakfast Pastries!

The cool folks at Glutino sent us some breakfast pastries to sample, and we couldn’t be happier. You know those rare moments when you taste something you haven’t had since going Gluten Free and think “wait, this is better than I remember”? That’s what happened when we tried the Glutino Toaster Pastries – we like the soft, flaky crust BETTER than the gluten-filled Pop Tart that served as inspiration. There’s no icing on the pastries – which was perfect for us G-Free adults, and we gave the strawberry version a smear of Nutella, and the kiddos were off to the breakfast races. (We might have smeared ours with Nutella after that, too.) They are individually wrapped, so you can throw a couple in a snack bag & be off with yourselves – they don’t require toasting, but they can take the heat.

FYI – The Apple Cinnamon ones are the perfect with coffee. Awww, yeah.

We also noshed on the Gluten Free Breakfast Bars. What’s that on the box? Non-GMO verified? Good on you, Glutino. And the bars are super-tasty too, we had to split one forthe review because the kiddos gobbled them all up! (Summer vacation. Seriously. We love these kids, but they eat a lot of our snacks.) We all loved the Strawberry Breakfast Bars, and we know they’ll come in handy when we’re trying to get back in the swing of school mornings and we’re occasionally feeding the kids in the car. (Stop looking at us like that. You know you do it sometimes too!)

The folks at Glutino are celebrating the new FDA Ruling on Gluten Free Food Labeling, and we are too! They gave us 5 Boxes of the New Toaster Pastries for you to try – all you have to do is Enter NOW!

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38 thoughts on “Gluten Free GIVEAWAY & Review: Glutino Breakfast Pastries!

  1. I love the great new options that are available for those of us who eat gf..adding the Nutella sounds like a yummy option too!

  2. Please send me some, my toaster is so lonely!!! I've been living off gf oatmeal and gf waffles! I need a different fix; my coffee is waiting! yum!

  3. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE some! Pop tarts are the ONLY thing my seven year old autistic son will eat! If he likes these we could certainly deal with the GF diet better.

  4. Oh WOW! These look so yummy! I want to try them ASAP. I haven't been able to eat a toaster pastry in 4 years. Woo Hoo, I am thankful for more gluten free options. Thank you Glutino & gfreefoodie! ;D

  5. Oh, these look so good. Yes, many things that I miss since being diagnosed at the beginning of this year, but not only me, but my boys since the whole house had to go gfree to avoid cross contamination. They would love having these. 🙂

  6. My daughter who is gluten intolerant really misses pop tarts. As she and I experiment with foods, it is difficult for me to "keep up" with all the different kinds of foods she and I cannot eat anymore.
    I have mostly mastered pancakes and fruit bread, but encounter learning curves for any new item I try to make.
    She would be delighted to receive this!

  7. I cannot find these ANYwhere in any store near us. Poptarts were my son's favorite thing before Celiac. Would LOVE to win the strawberry for my little guy!

  8. I received a box of these in a subscription and they are wonderful. Easy to tote to work and taste great.

  9. Gluten free pancakes with turkey bacon is the favorite but not always a quick solution. I bet these tarts would be great!

  10. I love the glutinous brand foods and it is nice that all of the new glutenfree stuff that is coming out

  11. I love muffins and scones so it's always a good day when I stumble on a new spot that offers gluten free baked treats! Glad to hear the apple cinnamon pastries are good.

  12. Glutino toaster pastry's are awesome! They are my favorite breakfast treat! They are so delicious, and they are the gluten free alternative to poptarts, which us celiacs can't have anymore. I bought five boxes when i came across them just a couple weeks ago, thank goodness I liked them, because otherwise it would have been a waste, i bought them thinking these look good, and I sure was right, they were wonderful, just the right amount of frosting, it wasn't just a little dab, and the filling was delicious. I had the blueberry and strawberry I believe. I do have to say that if you are going to make them in the toaster be careful, you don't need them in there long at all, or the frosting will start burning, they cook pretty fast unlike regular poptarts, i just prefer to use the microwave for like 20 seconds than the frosting wont burn. I love them and have been recommending them to everyone, even non celiacs!

  13. I thought they were glutino but correction my mistake, i guess not because the glutino ones were the ones with no frosting, but they still are excellent, the other ones that i was talking about were eco-planet!

  14. I have always wanted to try these. Would love to win them. Currently my favorite breakfast are my homemade granolas.

  15. I have always wanted to try these. Would love to win. Currently my favorite breakfast is oatmeal with fresh fruit or yogurt. Would love to have something to grab for on the go.

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