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Foodies love pizza, and G-Free Foodies are no exception.  We’ve been hitting the pizza crust trail, trying to find the best options out there.  Just like KC’s Top Ten List and our other product reviews, we may update this if we find something better – but trust us, y’all, there has been a lot of cheese-laden research here.  Don’t even get us started on our favorite toppings.

Best Frozen Crust: Well, this one was too close to call, we’re at a tie between Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts and Conte’s Gluten Free Pizza Shells.  Both bake up beautifully in the oven and produce a crisp bottom when baked directly on the rack.  We love the flavor & texture of both.  Find Udi’s & Conte’s in premium grocery stores & natural food retailers, Udi’s is also available online.

Best Prepared Box Crust: This one goes to the folks at Schar.  Their “pizza base” product is egg & soy free, easy to use, and tastes great.  Find Schar’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts at natural food retailers and in their online store.

Best Pizza Crust Mix: This is why we hang around with her – Gluten Free Mama’s mixes are some of the best we’ve had, and her Mama’s Pizza Crust Mix is no exception. We only had samples of this mix at our tasting event, and people were calling us to order it the next day!  The mix includes recipes for egg & dairy-free versions.  It contains some Almond flour, so nut-free folks need to find another mix to love.  Available in natural food stores and in our G-Free Foodie online store.

Best Herbed (& Nut Free!) Pizza Crust Mix: Our Founder KC is allergic to almonds, so finding great nut-free, Gluten Free products is always one of our goals. (Because if we’re all eating pizza, and she’s not, it can lead to a bit of crankiness.  Don’t tell her we told you.)  Namaste Foods Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix has no nuts, sugar, yeast, dairy, soy or eggs and has a delicious herb blend that makes the crust as flavorful as the toppings.  A great solution for families with multiple allegries, this product can be found in premium grocery stores & natural food retailers or in the Namaste online store.

Best Pizza Crust Recipe: Here’s our Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe – we’ve been working on it for awhile!  We downloaded roughly 80-gagillion recipes from the internet and found one we liked – then we made it better, G-Free Foodie style.  Feel free to leave us feedback or comments on this page or on the recipe itself, we want to know what you think!

Gluten Free Pizza testing - we work so hard at G-Free Foodie!

9 thoughts on “G-Free Foodie Reviews – Gluten Free Pizza Crust

  1. I love Schar's boxed pizza crust. It really is the best. I feel this way about most of Schar's products. I haven't tried any of the others because I love Schar's so much, but now I'm curious so I think I will! Thanks for posting this!

  2. We've tried the Udi's and like them a lot! Looking forward to trying the Schar's as well. Thanks

  3. I'd love to know what pizza products were tested that didn't make the best of the best list. I live in a very remote area so I'm just thankful most of the time to find GF products and often have to order what I can't get locally. Chebe brand pizza mix is our go-to pizza option… and it's one of about 3 I can get so it's the best of what's here 🙂 Was it part of your taste testing?

  4. Hey G-Free Foodie Team–are either of the pizzas in the photo using Udi's crusts? If yes, can you please send me an e-mail at Jillian@UdisFood.com if we have permission to use the photo on Facebook with a link back to this blog post.

    Thank you!


  5. Hey G-Free Foodies! I'm a Pizza Foodie and just caught your post. I love the idea of offering G-Free pizza in our restaurants, but that is SO HARD to control and contain in a pizza joint where flower is flying everywhere!
    Do you have any suggestions or resources on how I might offer this to our guests?
    It is my understanding that I can't even put the crust in the oven or on the rack with out the possibility of cross contamination! I would love to offer it, but I'm scared to death at how EASY it is to screw up!

    Thanks for the post. It gives us "restauranteurs" something to think about.

  6. Thanks, G-Free Foodie for the great review! Congrats to Udi's, we think they do a great job so we appreciate being ranked right along side them.
    I'd love to provide more information about our Prebaked Gluten Free Pizza Shells that come with their own pan and cutter, as well as our Bake-in-Bag Pizza that goes directly into the oven so it remains sealed from production to the table. It also comes with its own cutter.

  7. And we love the Chebe Pizza Crust Mix. Even my non-gluten-free family members prefer it to "regular" crusts.

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