Reflections on a Gluten Free Birthday

As you get older, you’re supposed to get wiser – at least that’s what they say.  And my forehead is beginning to look like Mother Nature + Father Time are taking a tap dancing class up there, so I’ve got the older part covered – I’m working on the wiser part every day.

My birthday just came & went, and I celebrated with a table full of girlfriends during Happy Hour (our apologies to those around us – next time you may want to follow your gut & change tables) and we spent a lot of time talking about what we’ve learned.  Here’s a few of my rules for life & living Gluten Free:

– It’s OK to leave a restaurant if you’ve spent 5 minutes talking to the chef & they still don’t understand the difference between gluten & glucose.

–  There is NO substitute for great friends, great jeans or a great haircut.

– There are good Gluten Free substitutes for pasta, pizza, brownies & bread.  They will not be the first ones you try.

– Websites, start-up businesses, and home improvements always cost more than you planned.  Always.

– Failure is part of learning.  But it ain’t the fun part.

– Time heals all wounds.  Viognier makes the time go a little faster.

– 6-year-olds hear everything.

– If you buy yourself something you love right before your birthday or other major holidays, it makes it a lot easier to be genuinly excited about popsicle-stick frames and whatever your husband brings home.

– It’s the thought that counts! (But jewelry is nice)

– There’s almost nothing better than the feeling you get after finishing something that’s been hanging over your head.

–  If you are going to have an obsession, growing heirloom tomatoes is a good one to have.  You get to eat them afterwards.

– If you surround yourself with fun people, you’ll have a good time.

– If you surround yourself with trustworthy people, you’ll have a better time.

– I’m incredibly lucky to have great family, great friends, and my health.


Me & the Girls, Birthday-style

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