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Article and review courtesy of Brynne Cramer, Gluten Free Hungry Girl

I stumbled upon Ebenezer Foods on Instagram at @EbenezerFoods a while back. Melissa, the founder, has a passion for food that inspired her to create a line of gourmet gluten-free baking mixes. We connected, and she decided to send me some of her products for review.

So here it is!

She sent me the gluten-free bread, muffin and cake mixes.

I used the bread mix to make pizza, although it can also be used to make sandwich bread, toast, burger buns and dinner rolls. The crust was a normal thickness, which is different than most gluten-free options that are thin crust. I really liked that. For the first time, it felt like I was eating regular pizza. The flavor was good. It had a bit of a sweet taste that was unique. I would definitely make it again.


With the vanilla cake mix, I made cupcakes. They were super easy to make and came out great. They stayed moist for days after I made them.


I used the muffin mix to make blueberry muffins, but the mix can also make chocolate chip, banana or apple cinnamon depending on what ingredients you decide to add. The muffins were similar to the cupcakes. They were moist and tasty.


Overall, I felt like Ebenezer Foods baking mixes were a happy medium between homemade baked goods and box mixes. If you are interested in trying these baking mixes, you can purchase them online at ebenezerfoods.com/products.

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