Eating GF Brownies for my Health.

Our Specialty Gluten-Free Brownies & Chocolate Chip Cookies + Thoughts on Self-Care.

I have resolved to take better care on myself, physically and mentally. It wasn’t really a New Year’s resolution – more of a decision made over time that supports not only my well-being, but the well-being of everyone around me. I started Pilates. I try to go to sleep at a reasonable time. I had a come-to-Jesus with my family about leaving me alone when I’m in the shower. I found a new CSA that delivers to my doorstep, so getting fresh veggies is a joy instead of being one more thing I have to remember to pick up. I’m honoring my cravings and the things that make me happy, too.

Y’all, some days I need a chocolate fix.

By “some days,” I mean virtually every day. Or I start to feel deprived, like I’m dieting or holding back, which generally leads to either a 10:45pm binge-moment that lasts for roughly 2 hours or I start feeling “stabby” – and that’s not good for anyone.

our specialty gluten free brownies

So, I was incredibly happy when the folks at Our Specialty sent samples of their individually wrapped gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and gf fudge brownies.  To be honest, I can generally take or leave cookies, they aren’t my jam. My husband and daughter are cookie-people to the max, and they were all about the large gf chocolate chip wonders that showed up at our door. Both the cookies and brownies come fresh in a case of 12 (you can score them on Amazon) which works perfectly for us, especially because they can be frozen in their individual wrappers. Super-easy to toss in a lunch pail or backpack for later.

The brownies have saved my ass, actually. I LOVE brownies, and I’m Team Chewy for sure. If I make a whole pan from scratch, it’s likely I will eat the better part of that pan, and then I have to decide whether to feel guilty or indignant, along with slightly ill. No bueno. The Our Specialty gf brownies are chewy, deeply satisfying, and individual wrapped – so I get one, I pour my 3pm cup of coffee, I enjoy the moment, and I move on with my day. Portion control at it’s finest, folks. That’s a win in my self-care book for sure.

I’d love to hear about your-self care moments or/and how you get your chocolate fix!

live deliciously –


The folks from Our Specialty provided materials for this post. All words and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I work with, which allows G-Free Foodie to grow.

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