Back in the Swing of G-Free Parenting

Sorry, it’s been awhile!  Bryan, Logan, Mia, and I are doing great!  We went to dinner tonight at our local Perko’s with my Mom and Dad and I told Bryan, “Don’t order fries.”  As always, a big issue because the fries are not in a designated fryer.  Bryan and my Dad, who were going to order burgers, finally decided onion rings were acceptable and Logan won’t eat them anyway.  As it turned out when I ordered for the kids, the waitress said it was no problem to fry up the fries in a pan…whoohoo.  They didn’t offer that the last time we came in so I was planning on ordering some hash browns or country potatoes, but fries are what kids want.  As it turned out, Logan and Mia had the sliders sans buns and uncontaminated french-fries that were perfect.  Our little Logan was a happy guy and Mia just ended up eating the fries and pickles and left the burger

It was really nice to eat out, since we really don’t eat out much at all.  I recently went to In-N-Out with Logan and they were great.  Their service was excellent and they were very understanding about the allergy and I also liked that the cashier walked to the back after punching in allergy on her computer to verbally tell the cook as well.  Peace of mind.  Besides in and out, we like the Costco hot dogs.  In fact the other day, both kids ate their whole hot dog while sitting in the basket while I shopped.  What little piggies.  I feel like eating out with the kids is definitely unhealthy as you can see from our choices above, but since we rarely eat out, I let them slide.

We’re heading to the beach in a couple of weeks and I already started thinking about what and where we were going to eat.  Bryan is totally into fish and chips, but unfortunately, Logan can’t have that type of thing and the fries at places like that are usually not in a dedicated fryer.  I hate wondering how dedicated they are to my kid’s allergy if I’m not familiar with or frequently visit the restaurant or the chain.  I figured we’d eat breakfast at the hotel and Logan could have yogurt and/or Chex.  I was thinking lunch we’d just have in our room or picnic at the beach.  I’m planning on buying some lunchmeat and bringing fruit and stuff so we can just wing it and for dinner I figured McClintock’s one night and Baja Fresh one night.  I know there’s a Costco somewhere over there too, but I was planning on seeing if there are any pizza places in the San Luis area that serve GF pizza.

Eating out is definitely tough and luckily, I cook almost every night, but I think it’s just about planning at home and to go out or for vacations.  We used to hit Taco Bell if dinner wasn’t going to happen.  Though we still could, Logan’s favorite items aren’t GF and he’s picky so we just don’t go.  I have to be more prepared and cook extra the night before if I know I’m working late, but we’re getting along.  I also notice that I’ve been barbequing a lot more.  Grilling is fun, easy, and doesn’t heat up the house…also, it’s mostly Gluten Free!

G-Free Mommy Jennifer