Tomatoes & A Gluten Free Website, One Month Later

So, my tomatoes have been in the ground since May 6th, which is also the day we launched G-Free Foodie!  The plants are growing & so is the site, it feels like it’s been way more than a few weeks!

I’ve been spending so much time working on the site – adding stuff, fixing problems, answering requests – that I haven’t been blogging the way I want to.  The bulk of the “get it up, get it running” stuff should be done now, and we’ve added some cool stuff from reader ideas: our Recipe Conversion Form – where we revise recipes to make them Gluten Free, a Baked Goods category in our Recipe search, and tons of new Restaurants.  We’re still adding new content everyday, and my friends the G-Free Foodie Mommies have started their blog (look for more from them in the coming weeks.)  We’re moving forward, which was the goal all along – so I guess that’s the right direction!

My tomatoes are no longer organic, after a crazy attack by a throng of pests, but they’re growing & they are healthy!  I’ve done my first liquid compost application (I use Great Big Plants, it’s organic, awesome, and the favorite of Laurel my Tomato Dealer)  and put in the stakes. The Black Prince looks like it will be my first plant to produce fruit, I actually got this one as a subsitute for my Purple Haze plant (there was a crop failure, which happens in agriculture from time to time, remind me to tell you the “Crop Failure” story about my Grampa if you see me, it’s funny-) so I’ve got high hopes for Black Prince.  It is supposed to have intense flavor & be easy to grow, two pluses for me!

My Marianna’s Peace, Mortgage Lifter & Julia Child tomato plants are all looking awesome, and I’m glad.  Last year’s complete loss of my Marianna’s Peace plant did not go over well (at all, y’all, I was a bit ridiculous about it) so it’s good news the the tomato forecast for 2010 is much-improved.  I bought some hot pink-polka dot rain boots to wear while gardening this year, and I think my garden’s health my be directly related to me looking like an idiot every time I go out there.   I’ll do whatever I have to do, frankly, I’ll bless myself after each tomato I pick like I’m Pablo “Kung-Fu Panda” Sandoval getting a base hit if I have to –

Tomato Love on a Monday –

First fruit of 2010 on Black price palnt

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