Rufus Teague Made Some Sauce – and We're Pretty Stoked About It.

We’re pretty serious about BBQ here at G-Free Foodie.  Come to think of it, we’re pretty serious about all our food!  But we love barbecue, we’re the kind of folks that drive each other insane bragging about our homemade sauces, and then making each other try them over and over as we make small tweaks to the recipes.  So, we were cautiously optimistic when we met the Rufus Teague crew at a food show, but we knew that their sauces being Gluten Free was a darn good start.

We are SO impressed with these sauces and rubs! In addition to the BBQ sauces (you won’t want to make a BBQ Chicken sandwich without the Honey Sweet, we swear) they make meat rubs and steak sauces too.  Our Founder is pretty particular about steak sauce (she yells stuff like “I know you’re not putting sauce on that!” when she grills steaks for us) but when she tried Rufus’ Spicy Meat Sauce, she took the rest of the bottle and wouldn’t share with us anymore. (That’s OK, we hid the Touch ‘o Heat BBQ Sauce from her! Plus, she grills steaks and makes brownies for us.)

Our favorites in the Rufus Teague lineup were the Honey Sweet & Touch ‘o Heat BBQ sauces, the Spicy Meat Rub and the Spicy Meat Sauce, but to be honest, we loved them all. We think you will too – tell Rufus we sent you.