Royal Caribbean revamps its gluten-free and lactose-free options

Royal Caribbean has formally announced it is revamping its dining program to increase options for guests with dietary restrictions, which includes adding more gluten and lactose-free food choices.

A big part of being on a cruise is indulging in the available cuisine, but when you are traveling with a food intolerance options can be limited. Many years ago, I went on a different cruise line and I was very disappointed with my gluten-free menu options. Very little was done to modify dishes, so I ate a lot of eggs, plain meat, vegetables, and potatoes.

It is encouraging to know that Royal Caribbean is catering to those with special dietary needs and that new allergen training is being conducted to coincide with the menu changes listed below:

  • To better cater to those with special dietary needs, Royal Caribbean will introduce more heart-healthy, gluten-free and lactose-free food options. It has enlisted a registered and licensed dietitian and nutrition consultant to evaluate existing menus, create new offerings for guests with dietary restrictions, and shape the cruise line’s current gluten-free and lactose-free program into a more guest-friendly experience.
  • All low calorie, gluten-free and lactose-free options will be clearly identified with respective menu icons as well as menu selections that can be modified to fit these requirements for guests. In addition to the new menu designations, Royal Caribbean is rolling out new daily gluten-free bread offerings, available on request in all venues, including specialty restaurants.

Has anyone traveled on Royal Caribbean before and can share their gluten-free dining experience? Would these menu changes make you more likely to book a cruise on Royal Caribbean?

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris