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Tar-jey. Target. The place with everything.
I would typically have asked if you are familiar with a brand – but everyone knows about Target. It’s a favorite place for many of us. I, myself, admit to spending a bit more of my budget fairly regularly at the bullseye.

As an influencer, I was sent a Back to School bag of goodies from Target’s Made to Matter collection. “Made to Matter – Handpicked by Target” is a collection of natural, organic, and sustainable brands. Learn more at Target – Made to Matter online. Check out some highlights of some of my favorite brands and products in the influencer bag.

Target Made to Matter Handpicked by Target l
Pacifica is 100% vegan makeup. Most of their products are formulated without gluten. In fact, I can’t find one that contains gluten, but always read the labels!

Target Made to Matter Handpicked by Target l
Shea Moisture products are natural products that smell tremendous and are free from gluten (at least all of the products I have used are). This is the hair color that I use when I have black hair – it’s the best and most nourishing hair care I’ve used. While my Target stopped carrying the hair dye, it carries most of their hair care line (PS you can order their hair color online). I use their bath and beauty products regularly, but they also make cosmetics.

Target Made to Matter Handpicked by Target l
Method Home makes powerful soap and home cleaning products. I am a Method fanatic. I primarily use their hand soaps and dish soap, but have also used their dishwashing detergents and laundry detergents. Their Rebecca Atwood collections are some of my favorite scents throughout the year. Unlike other scents, these do not give me headaches and wash clean off of your hands or dishes so you don’t smell like you just doused yourself with perfume while trying to clean!

Annie’s makes organic products, and has a collection of gluten-free products ranging from fruit snacks to vegan mac and cheese. If you can do dairy, I hear their GF mac and (dairy) cheese is pretty great. They just launched a ton of new organic products that aren’t necessarily gluten free, but I love what this company is doing.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day makes a line of basil scented soaps and cleaning products that are some of my favorite. They just launched an Apple Cider line that I’m excited to try out.

Nature’s Path is an organic breakfast company that we’ve featured several times before on Celiac and the Beast. Their new line of Envirokidz granola bars are made in a dedicated peanut-free facility – look for the new label on specific bars!

Target Made to Matter Handpicked by Target l
Seventh Generation Free & Clear line is offered in laundry detergent and dish detergent. While you may think – why would I need fragrances and dyes removed from my dishes? They’re not on my skin – I don’t wear them. Well, let me tell you that I am a freak about how my dishes smell. Those overly fake fragrances on my dishes make me nauseated. I had to wash my dishes after the dishwasher cleaned them. Gross. Fragrance free for me!

When shopping for groceries, bath and beauty, and household cleaning supplies, don’t forget about these brands in the Made to Matter collection from Target!

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