The BEST Way to Eat a Pomegranate + How to Remove Pomegranate Arils

The easiest way to open and clean a pomegranate

I’d like to share the best way to open, clean and eat a pomegranate with you! My family has been growing pomegranates for decades, so we’ve tried every method around.  Here’s the easiest way to get the seeds (they’re actually called arils) out of a pomegranate for eating.

How to remove pomegranate arils from the fruit:

1 – lay the pomegranate on it’s side, and cut directly through the center

2 – hold the pomegranate half, cut side down, over a large bowl

3 – smack the top of the pomegranate with a large spoon (I use a wooden one) so the arils fall into the bowl. rotate the pomegranate half so you can remove all the arils.

4- repeat with the other half of the pomegranate, then throw out the rind and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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You can freeze arils if you’d like to use them later – here’s the easiest way:

Line a sheet pan (or flat-bottomed pan that will fit in your freezer) with wax or parchment paper. Spread the arils out in a single layer on the pan, and freeze for 4-6 hours.  Then pour the frozen arils into a freezer bag or airtight container. They’ll be individually frozen for easy use.


About pomegranate arils:

Pomegranate Wild Rice PilafThe ruby-red kernels found inside pomegranates are called correctly arils, even though they are often marketed as “pomegranate seeds”. Pomegranate arils contains the seed and juice of the fruit, wrapped in a thin membrane. Arils are actually even healthier than plain juice, because the seed itself contains punicic acid, in addition to all the superpowered-superfruit-goodness in pomegranate juice. You can find them in stores frozen, freeze dried, or fresh – or you can remove them from the whole pomegranate yourself.  The seed inside gives arils a slight crunch, so I usually pair them with something crispy in recipes.

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