Kickstarter Giveaway 5: WIN the G-Free Foodie Box!

We’re celebrating our new Kickstarter Campaign to expand the G-Free Foodie Box Club with some incredible Gluten Free Giveaways.  Our readers have spoken, and we’re adding Organic/Non-GMO, Paleo/Grain Free and Top 8 Allergen Free boxes to the club, and we’re kicking around a few other options too. Our Kickstarter features some one-of-a-kind, limited, this-is-your-only-chance Prizes, so you’ll want to check it out ASAP. We hope you’ll consider supporting the Kickstarter and sharing it with anyone who might be interested.

{PS – you can send the prizes as a gift, or keep them for yourself. We won’t tell.}

Some of our favorite Gluten Free folks have joined in to celebrate our G-Free Foodie Box Club expansion with delicious gifts for you.  The giveaways run through December 21st, so keep checking my blog for new prizes & ways to enter. {Hint: you can tweet to win everyday.}

Since we’re celebrating the G-Free Foodie Box Club, we had to give one away, right? I’ll do better than that! One lucky reader will score a 3-Month Gift Membership to the G-Free Foodie Box Club! See how much we love you?


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48 thoughts on “Kickstarter Giveaway 5: WIN the G-Free Foodie Box!

  1. I am coming up on my one year gluten free mark after being diagnosed with celiac disease, I am still searching out new gluten free products and trying them.

  2. My very picky son has been gluten and casein free for 12 years. Luckily he does not remember what these foods taste like. I am always looking for new items that he might like.

  3. Having been diagnosed as celiac just before Christmas at age 37 this would make my Christmas and birthday very Merry, happy and bright! I'm starving over here trying to get everything done in time and trying to research what's okay and what's not!

  4. I am fairly new to the gluten free way of life. I have not had any treats yet and very little bread. Winning this box would introduce me to new brands and also be a great treat for me and maybe I could sneak them into my husbands lunch!

  5. I have been recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant after suffering for so many years. I am trying to navigate my way through all this . Having some new products to try and ideas to help me along this path would be so very helpful and greatly appreciated!!!

  6. I love trying new GF foods but they can be pricey and it would be nice to sample them first before investing a lot of money into buying something new that could or could not be good!

  7. i'm a Celiac, and so are 4 of my grandkids. Unfortunately, GF foods are more pricey than non-GF foods – and we buy a lot of GF foods. Winning this would be wonderful!

  8. I am pregnant and looking for good GF foods to eat when the baby arrives. I admit not eating GF during the pregnancy (doesn't seem to bother me right now), but will definitely have to go back to it when baby boy arrives because I feel so much better when I do.

  9. I am newly diagnosed with gluten, lactose and fructose intollerance. One of my sons needs to be gluten free. I'm having a hard time navigating the food store finding foods that are safe. Would be great to have a selection of items to bring along to family gatherings!

  10. I would love to try new products. Im still learning what gluten free products are available this would be a great way for me to find out.Thanks so much

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