Kickstarter Giveaway 2: CATB Books & Gear!

We’re celebrating our new Kickstarter Campaign to expand the G-Free Foodie Box Club with some incredible Gluten Free Giveaways.  We’ve heard your requests, and we’re planning to add Organic/nonGMO, Paleo/Grain Free and Top 8 Allergen Free boxes to the club, and we’re kicking around a few other options too. Our Kickstarter features some one-of-a-kind, limited, this-is-your-only-chance Prizes, so you’ll want to check it out ASAP. We hope you’ll consider supporting the Kickstarter and sharing it with anyone who might be interested.

{PS – you can send the prizes as a gift, or keep them for yourself. We won’t tell.}

Some of our favorite Gluten Free folks have volunteered to celebrate our G-Free Foodie Box Club expansion with delicious gifts for you.  The giveaways run through December 21st, so keep checking my blog for new prizes & ways to enter. {Hint: you can tweet to win everyday.} Here we go:

I get to run around with some pretty cool chicks, and that’s the only way to describe Erica from Celiac and the Beast! Her new book, Celiac and the Beast, is full of hilariously true Celiac info, and her gluten free tees are as rad as she is. Enter to win a copy of Erica’s book below, and you may even win a signed copy & a CATB tee of your very own!


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18 thoughts on “Kickstarter Giveaway 2: CATB Books & Gear!

  1. I love the shirts! I love spreading the GF message and helping new people when the become GF. I became GF long ago when there weren't so many options out there and it's amazing how far things have come! It's still often difficult for people to become educated even with all the information that is available today.

  2. My biggest gluten free challenge is explaining to friends and family why I can not eat the gluten free treats that they have made for me. I hate to see their faces fall in that moment. I can't risk the cross contamination. I am also corn sensitive so no matter how hard they try I may still get sick if I eat their goodies. Everyone tries so hard to accommodate me. I hate feeling like a party pooper everywhere I go. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

  3. The biggest challenge is social situations. I'm usually the "freak" that can't/won't eat anything but my own food. 🙁

  4. One of the biggest challenges with G-free eating is rye bread. I would kill for pastrami on rye and I know I can never do it. I guess my biggest challenge is myself. I have to fight not to cheat or I won't be healthy, but sometimes I pass by a traditional bakery and feel so sad.

  5. My challenge everyday is to find gluten free good that is healthful and part of a healthy weight-loss plan for my boyfriend while also enjoying our meals. I am always looking for a way to keep things fresh so we don't eat the same things every day!

  6. I have noticed a huge difference since going gluten free and I feel so much better, your website has helped me stick to this way of life and allows me to still enjoy food. 🙂

  7. GF Foodie has helped me stay on track with eating gluten free. Your recipes have helped me to transform some of my old foods into something tasty and grain free. Now I do not feel deprived.

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