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I met Kathy Casey for the first time years ago at a Food Show in San Francisco where she was introducing the crowd to her Cocktailor Drink Mixers – one sip of her Classic Cosmo mix, and I decided I liked her. Since then, she’s gone on to do some amazing things in the food & restaurant world, plus she’s still makin’ those killer cosmos. Check out what’s up with this Queen of the Seattle food scene, and try her favorite cocktails too – you know I am! – KC


Tell me a little about Kathy Casey Food Studios- Liquid Kitchen.

Kathy Casey Food Studios® – Liquid Kitchen is an international agency that I created specializing in all things delicious. We help clients with food, beverage and restaurant/hospitality concept consulting, innovation and development as well as product development, food and beverage photography and spokesperson work and promotions through social media

… oh and I get to travel all over the world doing projects which is pretty cool! It’s great for inspiration.


You also own Dish D’Lish, how did that get started?

I started Dish D’Lish at the Pike Place Market and now have 2 locations at Sea-Tac Airport. We feature fresh made quick foods. I also have a line of Dish D’Lish spices and cocktail mixers.



You have written nine amazing cookbooks, you are acknowledged as one of the 50 Best Twitter Chefs by Guide to Culinary Schools, and you were a columnist for both the Seattle Times and SIP NW Magazine. Would you rather be creating in the kitchen or at the computer?

I still love to cook .. though I feel like I’m always typing!  My favorite thing to do is to create recipes!


What are some of your favorite easy cocktails we should try this holiday season?

For a demo on how to make this drink and to safely flame the orange peel, check out this episode of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen.


Ginger Rouge
Housemade Zesty Cranberry Ginger Syrup adds a flavorful twist and beautiful color to this drink. It is excellent made with gin, vodka, or gold rum. For a demo on how to make this drink and how to make the Housemade Zesty Cranberry Ginger Puree, check out this episode of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen.


Platinum Sparkle
For parties, I like to pre-mix the ingredients in large batches, except for the Champagne. Then all you have to do is measure out 3 ounces, shake, strain and top with bubbly. This makes for consistent cocktails with ease. For a demo on how to make this cocktail, check out this episode of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen.


Can you give us an appetizer that would “wow” the pickiest foodie?

There are lots of fun foodie recipes in my book Sips & Apps but I’m all about easy entertaining at home. I love to set out local cheeses with my Liquid Kitchen 5130 Honey from our bee hive – the flavor is very deep and rich along with our pear and fig chutney, artisan salumi, and pair it with my Fennel-Roasted Walnuts from my book Sips & Apps. These are great to make and also are fun for hostess gifts.


What spots should G-Free Foodies hit when they’re in Seattle?

Asian Inspiration: Revel Restaurant

 I love the open hip design of this space and the urban Korean inspired menu, “Asian street food gone upscale.”  My must-have is the crispy Shrimp Edamame Mint Pancake made from mung beans… smeared with the housemade savory chili bean paste.

403 N. 36th St. revelseattle.com

Secret Sipping: Needle & Thread (upstairs at Tavern Law)

When you enter, head towards the bank vault door and pick up the old fashioned wall phone. Ask for a seat. If lucky, head upstairs to this sexy speakeasy where the bartender will craft you a custom cocktail. Just name your spirit and how you like it. I like mine spirit forward.

1406 12th Ave. tavernlaw.com



Can you give the G-Free home cooks a tip to get professional flavor?

Be sure you use enough seasoning. My Dish D’Lish French Seasoning Salt adds a flavor punch to anything. And l love to add citrus zest to dishes. In the summer, I make what I call herb splash with tons of chopped herbs from my garden, extra-virgin olive oil, chili flakes, lemon zest, garlic and a splash of fresh lemon juice. I then freeze and then have it for adding to soups, drizzling on veggies or grilled fish – it’s a great way to enjoy your summer herb harvest all year long.

Pick one: Chocolate, Lemon or Pumpkin?

Lemon for sure!


If you could be granted one food wish, what would it be?

That everyone would magically have a garden of some sort full of edibles– there is nothing like vegetables and fruits that you grow yourself!


After a long day, what’s your favorite easy meal?

I love to pick up pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). I get it with chicken and tofu and then, add a bunch of steamed veggies to it at home. Warm and comforting!

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  1. I’ve tried Piccola Pizza as well as the Pizza at Uno’s – still not the same. What comes close is when I take the time and make my own gluten free pizza crust. Coconut flour I’ve used to baked a German Chocolate Cake and a pie crust for a Sweet Potato Pie. They were both great.

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