10 Questions with KC: Julie Nirvelli, White Girl Salsa

I met Julie Nirvelli at a Food Show a couple of years back – I was on the edge of getting bored, and if I never saw another meal replacement bar in my life, I’d have been fine. So when I rounded the corner on the next-to-last aisle, and there were 3 white girls in beat up cowboy hats having what appeared to be some kind of salsa party, I figured I’d better get myself in there. I’m so glad I did – Julie salsa is amazing, and her energy is even better. (We have the same favorite flavor, go figure.)  When I tasted her salsas, I looked up & said: “You’re not from Boulder originally, are you?” She laughed and asked how I knew – a California Foodie girl can usually spot another one pretty easily, especially if we’re both hooked on Mexican food.
Read more about Julie, and then get your White Girl on! XOXO – KC
How did your business get started, and where are you headed?
My Hispanic friends couldn’t believe that I could make such amazing salsa so they named it White Girl Salsa and the name stuck. After taking my salsa to parties for 15 years and getting rave reviews I decided to go into business. I started at Colorado farmers’ markets which was a great way to launch a food product. I’m hoping White Girl Salsa becomes a national brand and we are on our way to making that happen.
Tell me about how your relationship with food began.
My parents are foodies so I’ve always been exposed to great food. I was introduced to pesto at a nice restaurant in San Francisco at a very young age and loved it!
Which salsa is your favorite?
Smokey Chipotle – I just love the totally unique flavor combination and subtle flavor of chipotle.
What’s your favorite thing about life in the town you live in?
I live in Golden, CO and there are so many great things, it’s hard to name a favorite. I’d say access to trails from my front door. I can hike or mountain bike without getting in the car.
So all your products are Gluten Free?  How about Dairy, Nut, & Egg Free options or Vegetarian?
All flavors are GF, vegan and nut free.
Where can I buy your salsa?
www.abesmarket.com, use the location finder on our website to find a store near you: www.whitegirlsalsa.com/find-me/
Six regions of Whole Foods, three Kroger divisions, 2 divisions of Safeway, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage, Fairway, Jewel
After a long day, what’s your favorite easy meal?
White Girl Salsa skillet huevos rancheros! A one-pan meal that takes 15 minutes to prepare, start to finish and it’s awesome!
WGS Huevos Rancheros | White Girl Salsa – Fresh Taste: Instant Sassiness
Got a food or beverage you can’t live without?
Zaza Raw Desserts their Chocolate Ganache is in my top three favorite chocolate desserts of all time. I’m so addicted!
Are there any products in the gluten-free world that you’re particularly excited about right now?
Same as above, ZaZa Raw
If you could be granted one food wish, what would it be?
That gluten free substitutes become so amazing across the board that gluten becomes obsolete.

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