Waffle Chips & White Leather Pants.

They say everyone you meet knows something you don’t know. I’m certain that’s true.

I’m also certain that some people need an occasional assist with common sense basics – and I’ve found myself reminding countless friends & colleagues, in a variety of situations, of a simple truth I learned long ago:

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

I’ve made this statement in conversations regarding discount sushi, tattoos, marriages & more. Once, a friend of mine (with an inexplicable love for tube tops) suggested I try on a pair of white leather pants she found in my size. So, I created a variation of the rule, that my crew uses often:

Just because it comes in your size, it doesn’t mean you should wear it.

There will never be a situation that requires my Kardashi-ass to be clad in white leather. Like, ever.

Yesterday, I was offered some Lay’s Chicken & Waffle Chips, from Frito-Lay’s new “Do Us a Flavor” campaign. I had seen the promotions, and was fairly certain that there was nothing about that product I was gonna like. Sriracha, maybe, because I love rooster sauce. But not Chicken & Waffles. (FYI: I love good fried chicken & crispy waffles. I generally dislike funky powdered flavoring.) I was curious, so I read the ingredients – no gluten used, like most of Lay’s chip products. So I tasted them, and I psychically recoiled. Those chips are so bad, Eminem on his worst day is less offensive. At least he rhymes. New rule:

Just because you can eat it, doesn’t mean you should.

It’s really the main principle behind G-Free Foodie – yes, we’re Gluten Free, but we want to eat what tastes good, what’s healthy, what’s delicious, what’s in season. That’s for sure the way I roll – I’m down for g-free pizza & beer, taco trucks or the fanciest restaurant in town, as long as it’s good.

I’m staying out of the chip aisle until this is over.


3 thoughts on “Waffle Chips & White Leather Pants.

  1. Here, here! All rules you stated should be repeated often, and I shall follow your lead: stay out if the chip aisle until this passes. Recently I had the same experience with bacon cheeseburger flavored chips, and while I am not a snob (I love fried potatoes & salt) whatever flavor they claimed those chips tasted nothing like food much less a bacon cheeseburger.

  2. I actually like Eminem. But I trust your opinion 100% on Chicken and Waffle potato chips. Maybe it's a southern thing, but this New Englander is going to pass, and thank you, KC, for doing the heavy lifting on behalf of us all.

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