Traveling Gluten-Free: What You Need To Know!

Top Tips for Traveling With Food Allergies

I’m on the road all the time – both for work and for fun. Here are my top tips for traveling gluten-free or when you need to consider other food allergies. Use them to make sure you’ve set-up allergen-friendly eats, so you can worry about having fun instead.

Do Your Research: look for allergen-friendly restaurants along the way, and ask major destinations (like zoos, theme parks and concerts) if they will allow you to carry-in meals to accommodate your allergies.
Plan Your Route: plan for pit-stops in advance at safe restaurants or grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, where you can stock up on safe foods and take a break.
Pack Lots of Snacks: fill a bag and a cooler with allergen-friendly snacks you love, so you’ll have plenty of your favorites on hand when hunger strikes (or when friends are grabbing treats.) I always pack Dill & Sour Cream Plentils, Gingerbread Spice Soft Baked Cookies, and my favorite bread.
Share Your Allergies When You Make Your Plans: whether you’re staying at a hotel or with friends, let everyone know what foods you’re avoiding – and what you can have. Make sure to let airlines, cruise companies or travel agents know about your needs as well.
Shop Together: if you’re staying with family or friends, plan to go shopping together when you arrive, so you can choose safe foods (and drinks!) and plan group meals. You’ll want to think about events too – if  making s’mores over a campfire is on the agenda, pick up some chocolate, marshmallows and grahams that work for you. (Try Crunchy Vanilla Honey Grahams and Ricemilk Chocolate Bars, they’re fabulous!)
Make Reservations: if you’ve got a restaurant you’re dying to try, or a favorite spot that keeps you coming back, call in advance and list all your allergens while booking a table. That way you’ll be certain they can accommodate your needs, and the staff has time to make sure there are safe and delicious options for you.
Enjoy Life Foods compensated me for this post. My opinions are my own, because they’re mine. (Y’all know I don’t say things I don’t mean, right? Then I’d have to remember what I said!)

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