Product Review – McClure’s Pickles & Bloody Mary Mix

We’re in Love again.

McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix made the single best Bloody Mary we’ve ever had, and it’s totally Gluten Free. We met these pickle-makin’ folks at a Fancy Food Show, and tried their amazing pickles (the Spicy ones are divine and super-crunchy) but never saw this Bloody Mary Mix comin’.

The Bloody Mary Mix is made from cucumber juice, tomato paste, a splash of vinegar and seasoned with freshly chopped peppers, garlic & dill. We drank it by itself, KC made gumbo with it – pour it in your favorite Gluten Free beer for a killer Red Beer.

Thanks McClure’s, our Sunday mornings just got way better.

One thought on “Product Review – McClure’s Pickles & Bloody Mary Mix

  1. Hi GFreeFoodie & Friends!

    Try Uncle Dougie’s Bloody Mary Mixes. They have three (spicy, mild, and a pom-mango). Along with these they have a variety of sauces, and rubs!

    Unlike most every other competitor out there there products are 100% Natural, Gluten-Free (no wheat extenders or thickeners), no high-fructose corn syrup and chemical free. Most all of the big brands such as Zing Zang are loaded with HFCS, MSG and other multi-syllabic chemicals that the Center for Science in the Public Interest has classified as “AVOID.”

    They were also stated and still operated by a local Chicago family. Check them out.

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