How to Shop for Delicious Allergen Free Foods

Tips for stocking your Gluten-Free and allergen-friendly pantry

It’s Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and I’m hoping we’ll help more people find the path to health by getting diagnosed. I’m also sharing all the information I can about living deliciously Gluten-Free and avoiding other allergens.

The challenges of living with Celiac or food allergies can be exhausting, especially if you’re new to the process of eliminating ingredients from your diet. We’ve got to be so cautious, it can seem overwhelming to look for new products to try. I so many readers share that they want simple and tasty products, but have a hard time finding items to try.

So, I’m sharing my best tips for finding delicious allergen free foods in the store – you can venture into the center aisles for safe and tasty products that are safe for you and your family. I hope you’ll find something new to love.

  • Check out all the grocery stores in your area, to make sure you’re shopping at locations with the most allergen-friendly options.
  • Look for Gluten Free tags on product shelves. Many stores are marking GF-certified items, and that’s a great way to start hunting for brands that avoid other allergens
  • You’re safe at the Meat Counter, as long as you’re buying whole cuts of meat without marinades, stuffing or sauces.  You’ll want to make certain bacon, sausages and deli meats are free form the allergens you’re avoiding.
  • In the Snacks and Treats aisle, look for cookies, crackers and chips that are made in an allergen free environment. (Enjoy Life’s Dill & Sour Cream Plentils are favorites of mine- they even made my Whole Foods Market top-picks!)
  • There are tons of new allergen-friendly Frozen treats on the market, I feel like I find new ones every day! Vegan ice creams and baked goods are getting better all the time, and most work to avoid other core allergens.
  • Once you find some safe products you love, visit the brand’s website to find out about all the deliciousness they offer. You may also be able to purchase your favorite finds in bulk.

The folks from Enjoy Life Foods are committed to providing safe, delicious products for those living a Gluten-Free lifestyle and avoiding the Top 8 Allergens. They provided products and resources for this post.

9 thoughts on “How to Shop for Delicious Allergen Free Foods

  1. You’re such a cute gluten-free shopper, K.C. Bet you had folks following you around to get ideas for dinner! xoxo

  2. So fun you did a live demonstration at a store! Did you have to get the store’s permission first? Great video!!! 🙂 Keep up the great awareness.

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