White Chocolate Rocky Road Candy You Are Sure To Love


Try this tasty, colorful & delish White Chocolate Pistachio Fudge recipe!


This White Chocolate Rocky Road recipe makes a deliciously gorgeous treat


It's so easy and such a hit,  you may want to make a double  batch. It's fun in Spring, for  Valentine's Day or Easter or a  Mother's Day treat. Our friends  always want to see "that White  Chocolate Rainbow Fudge stuff"  during the holidays too.


Kiddos can help with sorting, mixing, and tasting of course! And kids can cut up larger marshmallows and jelly candies with culinary shears if they are ready for a knife.

Necessity of fruit jellies is up for debate.

I actually love marshmallows, dried fruit and pistachios, so if I'm making it for myself, I leave out the jelly candies.


I love the Dandies Marshmallows because they are vegan and corn-free, but you can't always find the colored ones, which are also flavored. (Beware of peppermint. No. Just no.)

I've made this rocky road without jelly candies and added more dried fruit: I found chopped dried apricots and pineapple adds great color + flavor.