A Delicious And Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge Recipe


This easy fudge recipe is the best fudge recipe!

Is there anything worse than spending TONS of time recreating a recipe that you intend to share as a gift only for it to fail? I think not! You will never again be plagued with grainy fudge or fudge that won't set as it should. There is no need for extra dishes or weird kitchen gadgets for this easy fudge recipe either - and there is no way this recipe will fail. Let do it!

This fudge is superior to Old-Fashioned Fudge recipes in a lot of ways:

Only 2 basic pantry ingredients required.

Cooks in under 2 minutes in the microwave!

Zero need for a candy thermometer!

No kitchen tools necessary other than a mixing bowl & a spatula.

Can be made days, even weeks in advance.

One pan slices into 64 (1-bite) servings.

 This easy fudge recipe NEVER fails! Get the recipe here: