What's in the G-Free Foodie Box? Gluten Free Love. And a Hat.

**Thanks to Alison N. & Kim P. for the great pictures! We’ll be choosing pics via Twitter & Facebook from our members each month – if we choose yours, you’ll get a special treat! Be sure to tag G-Free Foodie!**

Our First G-Free Foodie Box Club Shipment hit our member’s doorsteps last month, and we’re SO HAPPY everyone loved their boxes. Members get 5 G-Free Foodie approved artisan food products every month, and we’re working hard to find the best of the best! Here’s what our Gluten Free & Gluten Free + Dairy Free members scored in their first shipment – in addition to the recipes, servings ideas & special stuff we’re just sharing just with them. The August box goes out next week, and I can’t wait to hear how much everyone loves the products!

Balakian Organic Blended Heirloom Tomatoes: When I tried Amber Balakian‘s blended tomatoes, I knew I had to share their farm-fresh flavor with our G-Free Foodie Box Club Members. It turns out I’m not the only one that loves them, Oprah featured them in her magazine last month! I chose the Organic Cherokee Purple tomatoes for their smoky, nutty, rich tomato flavor.  If you order some, don’t miss the Cherokee Purple or the Orange Strawberry varieties!

Kyra’s Crave Bake Shop Snickerdoodle Cake Mix: We shared our favorite Gluten Free Cake Mix from the the only girl to win Food Network’s Cupcake Wars entirely Gluten Free (PS, she won twice!) We love the moist & light cupcakes this mix makes, and we top them with Kyra’s Cinnamon Whipped Cream Icing! Thinking about ordering treats from Kyra? We think you should. Immediately. Don’t leave her Ding Dong Cupcakes, ooey-gooey Cinnamon Rolls or Pretzel Buns (they’re Vegan!) off your order.  Seriously, stop right now & call her.

Top of the Hill Kumquat Marmalade: Do you know about Kumquats? Of course you do. In case you don’t: they’re tiny, fragrant citrus fruits with a sweet rind and a juicy, sour center. They make great preserves, which you can almost never find, since commercially grown kumquats are often eaten raw. Ruth, the owner of Top of the Hill, makes jams & jellies from Central California fruit she gets directly from the farmer, and sells her unique varieties at farmer’s markets. If you call her up for some Marmalade, make sure to order some Pomegranate Red Pepper Jelly & some Chow Chow Relish too.

Rufus Teague Meat Rub: We met the boys from Rufus Teague a couple of years ago, when they left Kansas City just long enough to spread some BBQ love in California. When we found out everything they make is Gluten Free, we reviewed it all for G-Free Foodie and ended up loving their products. Our members scored a jar of  their Meat Rub to season steaks, ribs or chicken before they hit the grill, toss a couple of tablespoons in a shrimp boil, or to shake over buttered corn on the cob. Yum.

Dang Coconut Chips: We know something is really good when we don’t want to share with each other. Nobody shares their Dang chips at G-Free Foodie. We’re tossing them in salads, on ice cream, I put them in my popcorn the other day, and I made Plantation Chews cookies with them too – but mostly, we eat them plain.

Our Bonus Samples were super delish too: GF members got a WOW Baking Company Lemon Burst Cookie, & GFDF members recieved a G-Free Foodie adjustable measuring spoon!
Our Gift  for Being a Charter Member was an awesome G-Free Foodie hat. Our members can wear it with pride & let people know we roll Gluten Free!

Check out www.foodieboxclub.com for Gluten Free Box Club details!

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