Well, We're Gaining G-Free Momentum – But Is It Good?

Chelsea Clinton’s Gluten Free Wedding Cake made media headlines, and they’re doing G-Free challenges on Top Chef Masters, so more + more folks are getting the Gluten Free message.  My question – are they getting the right one?  I’m excited that the G-Free lifestyle is getting some attention, but I have to wonder: Is this the time that I end up sick from an overzealous, under-informed caterer looking for marketshare in today’s tough economy?  Will I be ill for three days because there’s someone in the kitchen yelling “No Flour, No Bread!” and I  get served some soy sauce & soup base-laced meal?  I’m pretty sure the answer is: Yep.  I will.  I’m gonna get dosed by some well-meaning cook having no idea how to cook Gluten Free, or Where Gluten is Found, or what Ingredients May Contain Gluten.  But, that’s the way it was anyway, just more people will be trying.  And that’s cool.  Hopefully they’ll read Jennifer Harris’ Words Advice For Restaurants Serving Gluten Free Meals & that will help keep us G-Free Foodies safe.

The Today Show did a great job of looking at both sides of the Gluten Free story, and mentioned Celiac, Gluten Intolerance, and other health issues in their piece on the G-Free Diet.  I think that’s about all we can ask for! Their Food + Wine Editor, Stephanie Becker, did an article on her parent’s Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free Anniversary cake that made me laugh too.

Check out the video to see the Today Show Gluten Free story for yourself:

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