A Traditional And Easy Recipe Sugar Plums


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Are you wondering if sugar plums are real? Here's how to make the traditional sugar plum candy and everything you need to know about sugar plums!

They are completely delicious and incredibly easy to make.

Heres the scoop:

Sugar plums are a traditional  holiday candy made of dried  fruit, toasted nuts and  crunchy sugar.

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So, why  are they  called "sugar  plums"  anyway?

Way back in the 17th century, folks wrapped seeds or nuts in a hard sugar coating, which took days to produce and special skills, since nothing was mechanized and sugar work was done by eye.

The process is called "panning"- and the modern day Jordan almond would be a good example of that. The resulting sugar-coated treats were round but not perfectly circular, similar to the shape of... wait for it... a plum.

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Fast forward about 200 years, and candy making, food preservation and language had all taken big leaps forward. Sugar was easier to find, fruit and nuts easier to dry, and "plum" meant "good" in addition to meaning a fruit. That's where Sugar Plums 2.0 make their debut. This is the candy we've come to love during the holiday season.

Prunes,  nuts,  spices  & sugar

Here's what sweet dreams are made of:

In addition to the prunes, nuts, spices & sugar, I use cranberries and apricot preserves, because I like the sweet/tart contrast they bring.

So, how do you make them?

Toast some nuts and nut flour/meal.

Chop up some dried fruit.



Roll it in balls, and then roll the balls in sugar.

Dump all that in a food processor with spices and a bit of fruit preserves or honey and blitz it up



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