How To Cook Brown Sugar On Bacon: The Best Candied Bacon Recipe


What is brown sugar bacon?

Thick slices of bacon are coated in a sweet such as brown sugar,  caramel, or maple syrup and baked until caramelized to create candied bacon.

What makes this bacon better than others?

If you have ever had this kind of bacon before I can almost guarantee that you haven’t had it the way I make it! The combination of brown sugar, chili powder, and bacon is the perfect trifecta of flavorful explosions in your mouth!

What will you need to make this bacon?

– Baking sheet – Tin foil – Thick-cut gluten-free Bacon – Pepper – Chili Powder – Brown sugar

Bake your bacon!

For brown sugar bacon- the bacon should only be baked. If you try out this recipe, don't try cooking it another way. It will not work. The sugar won't adhere to the bacon if you try to cook it on the stovetop, and a huge mess will result in the microwave.


If you want your bacon to be super sweet, you can skip adding additional seasonings. For me, just adding the brown sugar makes it too sweet. I like to add black pepper and chili powder to balance out the sweetness and add a little kick to the bacon. And because it just tastes better!