Walt Disney World Adds Branch of BabyCakes NYC Gluten-Free Bakery

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl, known for its gluten-free dining options, just added another one: gluten-free vegan bakery BabyCakes NYC has opened its doors there.

The well-known gluten-free bakery, founded by Erin McKenna in Manhattan, opened jointly with two other restaurants, Pollo Campero and Fresh-A-Peel, in the Downtown Disney Marketplace shopping district. The three replace the huge McDonald’s restaurant that formerly was located there.

McKenna says she was approached more than two years ago about helping to bring healthier dining options to Disney, and jumped at the chance.

BabyCakes NYC at Disney actually is located in a nook of Fresh-A-Peel and doesn’t feature an outdoor sign, so you’ll need to find Fresh-A-Peel (located next to the Lego store) to get your gluten-free fix. The store is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and in addition to counter service (where everything on display is gluten-free!), you can place special orders for birthday cakes, donuts, cookies, brownies and cupcakes.

Excerpt from an article By Jane Anderson, Celiac Disease Guide

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  1. Love that I've found your blog. It's been an entertaining read today! We visit WDW once or twice every month and love every miunte! However, Disney (at least Disney World!) doesn't care either way if you bring your own food into the park. While we never do, I've seen MANY guests pack food and eat throughout the parks. You just need to look over which cooler containers are allowed in.

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