United Front…So I Thought

We went out to dinner for the first time the other night since finding out that Logan is CD.  We just went to our local Perko’s to get something quick and affordable with the kids and my parents.    I have to say that Perko’s, especially our waitress, was great with understanding about cross contamination and not frying things with flour in the same pan as Logan’s food.  We ended up ordering Logan and Mia a variation of the chicken strips and French fries.  We ordered a chicken breast and cut up potatoes for the kids because there was no dedicated fryer.  My mom and I got a salad and Bryan and my Dad got burgers with fries.  I knew Logan getting chopped up potatoes and Daddy and Papa getting fries right next to him was going to be a problem so I told them both, “It wouldn’t kill you to get a side salad or something else with that burger.”  They both decided they were having fries anyway.  When we got our food I was really impressed with our make-shift kid’s meals and they were really good.  Unfortunately the fries were a problem.  Logan didn’t want to even try his new “kids meal” because the good stuff was staring right at him from Daddy’s plate.  So much for united front!

So besides that adventure, we had another one this past week.  I took Mia in to get her blood test for CD.  I took her to our medical group instead of Children’s Hospital because Logan’s had his blood drawn at both and the man at our medical group is great and though Children’s has been great for everything else, we didn’t have a great experience getting blood drawn there.  So I took Mia in and they decided to lay her down so they could get a better angle on her little arm.  They had me holding her legs, a technician holding her arm and then the man who drew Logan’s blood previously trying to draw blood.  To make a long story short, there ended up being three of us holding Mia down, both arms attempted with I think three or four pokes, and no blood drawn.  They just couldn’t get her little veins.  She was a mess by the end of it.  I was a wreck and couldn’t hold it together any longer and then I gave her the lolly pop I had brought for her and there was a new child in my arms.  Not necessarily a good thing, but give my little Mia something sweet and all is forgotten.

On the good note, I had a semi-successful snack search for Logan.  I found Glutino pretzels, which are excellent, Kinnikinnick S’moreables, which are OK, and Glutino crackers, which are yuck!  Does anyone know of a good cracker like a Cheez-it or a Ritz that’s GF and Peanut Free?  I’m trying to fill in the gaps of our snacks.  Let me know though if you as a CD has let anyone who’s not try them…just asking because my mom made us some GF brownies a while back and raved about them.  I tried them and told her that she had been away from flour too long and that it was messing with her taste buds.

G-Free Foodie Mommy, Jennifer

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  1. Seriously, after almost three years my husband still finds it perfectly acceptable to share a cupcake with my daughter and tell my son, "Oh its okay you can have something when we get home"…. Really? I hope it gets better for you…

  2. Try Schar crackers, with 2 dots over the a, imported from EU. Taste halfway between Ritz and Saltine. I get them from Amazon with free shipping. Have to buy 6 bags at a time. Cheapest place I have found. Maybe should call health food stores to find them and try a package before ordering 6 packages. I have sent fortunes buying all kinds of GF crackers and these are the only ones edible. They are brittle but I forgive them because they are good tasting.

    Ener-G makes the very best GF pretzels. Pamela GF baking mix is great for lots of things like biscuits, pancakes, cookies, scones, etc… Also from Amazon and lots of other GF products.

    Betty Crocker has GF yellow, chocolate cake mixes, also brownie, and chocolate chip cookie mix out on grocers shelves now. I do not have CD but gluten gives me huge migraines.

  3. My daughter went to no gluten, no yeast, no cow's milk at age 16. Talk about an angry girl! There were many things she would not eat at first but we'll try them later and they aren't so bad anymore. It's been 2 years 🙂 She says you have to get used to the different textures and flavors. Another website is Gluten-free Girl and the Chef. Love her philosophy and have adapted some of her recipes to milk free.

    Crackers – Sesmark Rice GF Rick Thins, Crunchmaster Rice Crackers Toasted Sesame. You'll want to check the labels. But Erin likes both of those.

    Because of her yeast sensitivity it's been tough finding bread but she just tried the Food for Life yeast free, gluten free bread and she will eat it. They have a whole grain version too in case anyone else has a yeast free kid. We've still had bread and gluten foods in the house for my husband and I feel your pain. At least my meals are always ok.

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