Totally Screwed Up But Happy

Let’s live today like we didn’t just get a Cancer diagnosis…
Like we didn’t lose a loved one…
Like we didn’t lose our job or our house…

The great thing that comes with something crappy happening to you? You realize how darned spectacular regular old everyday life is…especially those boring old days that seem to go on forever… You think- how did I not know I had it so good? Why did I worry about such stupid things?


When your World is spinning…just plant your feet and hold tight…it will stop.

There is a game of ping pong forever playing in my head. And once apon a time I demanded alot from my life… The perfect blend, the perfect balance, the perfect job, life, husband, clothes, car, house, school, shoes, life….

But that game of ping pong will never end…

Unless we stop it.

I am painstakingly slowly realizing that the perfect Mom…accepts that she actually doesn’t have to be perfect…I write alot about the idea of perfection and the pursuit of it. The recognition that perfection as an ideal is not perfect by any means…

I might go so far as to call it poison…

And a great way to teach this constant strive and fail for perfect- is to lead by example…Instead, I say we teach our kiddos how to fail with grace. Post pictures of the game they didn’t win… but played really good at...Teach them to get up after the fall…Teach them to try again…teach them to learn from mistakes- not beat yourself up over them…Show them that sometimes a full sink of dishes and a belly full of a trip to the icecream store is a good way to spend the afternoon.

On Saturday, despite that the house was a wreck and we had no groceries…we went to the Fresno State Fair.


Places like the Fair are very stimulating… lots of smells, noises, people and things…Sometimes it can be too much for a kid on the Spectrum…Too many signals for the brain to process and so they experience sensory overload…

Greyson did amazing. He behaved more like a shy child than a Spectrum Kid. He didn’t want to leave our side, and if he wanted to go see something- he would grab my hand to take me there…


Things have changed so much in the past year. I don’t think we could have gone to a place like this then- it would have been too dangerous. Behavior Therapy is our Hero.



I always feel like I did a good job creating fun for Grey when this happens… Note car in each hand…happy.

Surgeons.. the inside of a watch…the engine of an airplane…pharmaceutical manufacturing…demand perfection..

Photobucket is a blog trying to change the World…The coolest part of that- is that we really are reaching the World… It’s not me- friend…No- it’s all you…For the past year- while Greyson was in Early Intervention- I was at home or at Speech Therapy– Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 5pm every day…But because of YOU…you helped me leave my house and reach the World…. Here are some stats from the past month alone…Well done you.


Keep sharing…

Let’s remember that we have it good today…not perfect- we hate that…Just really stinking good.


Article Courtesy:  Chrissy Kelly

One thought on “Totally Screwed Up But Happy

  1. I really like the tone of your article. It gave me a much needed lift. Where do I start…. I have follicular lymphoma that transformed into diffuse large b cell lymphoma, and am finding that my undiagnosed gluten intolerance for 56 tears may have played a role in developing cancer. I want to share that as a step parent that helped recover my stepson from autism, we not only did gluten free and casein free, but also used the DAN protocols to find that he had other allergies, intolerances, vitamin and enzyme deficiencies, and a disorder of metabolism. Please don't skip that part. Most of our kids are behaving the way they do because of medical issues that a large portion of the medical community does not realize contribute to a presentation anywhere in the spectrum. And my stepson? He is now 26, owns his own house, has a job making more than his father, and takes care of all his own taxes, automotive maintenance, etc.

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