Top 10 – Gluten-free product wish list for retail products

Last December I put together a wish list for restaurants of gluten-free items we would love to see added to their menus.  Now it seems only appropriate as it is the beginning of 2011 to put together a wish list of gluten-free retail products we would like to see hit grocery store shelves.

My best advice for a new gluten-free company is to create something that is unique and stay away from products that already saturate the market.  Do your research and see what is lacking and work to fill the void. There are a number of companies overseas making some of the gluten-free products listed below, but they are not currently being imported.

With that in mind, here are the products I would love to see:

  • Puff Pastry – there is one being made overseas, but we can’t get it here
  • Quiche with a Crust – Lean on Me makes gluten-free quiches, but there is no crust
  • Pot Pie – there is one company out there making a gluten-free pot pie using polenta as the topping which is OK, but I am looking for a luscious flaky crust filled with meat, vegetables,etc.
  • Hot Pockets – now that we have burritos from Amy’s Kitchen and Glutenfreeda hopefully one of these companies will go one step further and start filling them with ham and cheese, pepperoni and cheese, etc.
  • Mini Shells – it would be so nice to be able to buy frozen shells to make mini quiches, tarts and other sweet desserts  at home
  • Vanilla/Nilla Wafers – Hoffner’s used to make the best gluten-free vanilla wafers, but it appears they are out of business.  Many people down here in the South love to make banana pudding and sorely miss their beloved vanilla wafers.
  • Sourdough Bread – I feel like I’m the only out there who misses that yummy, crust sourdough bread, but there must be others who enjoyed this bread before their diagnosis.
  • Egg Rolls – this request is for Sandra Robins who keeps asking for this product.
  • Cereal made with gluten-free oats – there are a number of gluten-free Cheerios type cereals on the market, but none of them are made with oats or come close to tasting like Honey Nut Cheerios.  I grew up on this cereal and I’ve been searching for more than a decade for a replacement.
  • Canned Spaghetti – I grew up on SpaghettiOs and Ravioli and would love to see a company take on the challenge.  Orgran makes canned spaghetti, but it is not my favorite.  It seems like Annie’s would be the perfect choice to take on the challenge.

There are some exciting new gluten-free products set to hit the market this quarter:

  • Kim and Scott’s is launching a gluten-free Bavarian style pretzel this month
  • Ian’s has come out with a frozen gluten-free onion ring
  • Feel Good Foods has created a line of gluten-free dumplings
  • Bavarian Gluten Free Bread has begun importing a line of whole grain bread

So excited to see what 2011 holds for the gluten-free community.

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris

4 thoughts on “Top 10 – Gluten-free product wish list for retail products

  1. YES to the puff pastry and to the egg rolls and to the sourdough… oh, my the sourdough… my favorite local gf bakery makes a "sourdough"… and while it is DELICIOUS, it's not really there…

    canned spaghetti would be FUN.

  2. Cherrios would be close to the top of my list! Secondly, a stuffing mix. Even the national natural foods chain didn't carry a mix of gluten-free stuffing mix around Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the idea! Hope you'll submit the list to General Mills!

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