Top 10 foods to pack for gluten-free travel

Summertime is for many of us also vacation time. As a person with Celiac Disease, vacation time can also be a time of high anxiety. It is difficult to enjoy yourself when you may not know where or when you might be able to eat your next meal.

Traveling gluten free requires a different set of skills than being gluten free at home.  The first thing we do when preparing to travel is research.  I always start by looking for local support group/bloggers because to me they are the best source for finding safe places to eat and to shop.  Contact your hotel to inquire about safe options in their hotel and in the area.

We always pack non-perishable items in a carry-on bag to ensure there are snacks to nosh on while traveling to our destination, such as:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Nutrition bars – Bakery on Main, Kind Bar, Larabar, Pamela’s Products Whenever Bars, etc.
  • Cereal – dried cereal (Chex) or granola (Bakery on Main)
  • Squeezable packets of nut butter from Justin’s
  • Dried fruit/nuts – only bring fresh fruit if you are going to eat it while on the plane or in the car
  • Packets of tuna – Starkist has gluten-free options
  • Chips/Crackers/Pretzels – Ener-G pretzels, Schar snack crackers, Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips
  • Meals and soup cups: Dr. McDougall’s are my favorite; St. Dalfour makes two ready-to-eat salads that are gluten free and filling; Go Picnic makes a line of shelf-stable gluten-free meals
  • Sweets: Pamela’s Products cookie two packs, Ian’s cookie buttons, Glenny’s Marshmallow treats, chocolate, etc.
  • Condiments: salad dressing, soy sauce, mayo, salt/pepper, and be sure to include napkins and plastic utensils

Minimus sells a number of shelf-stable travel sized gluten-free items, so check out their site to see what is available and stock up.

Remember, this list includes my favorite travel items, but there are many more gluten-free options!

There are many resources on the web, in books and in magazine articles that provide ideas and information on gluten-free travel. Use those resources well ahead of your departure date to create your own “plan of attack” for a successful and stress free vacation.

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris

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