The Gluten-Free Diet: Managing Weight Gain

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, you probably know all about the painful and uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms and are glad to be rid of them with a gluten-free diet. However, staying away from gluten doesn’t mean that your health and well-being are guaranteed, although fortunately you have taken a major step in preventing serious and potentially fatal complications of long-term, untreated celiac disease. There are a few side effects, you could say, associated with a gluten-free diet, but thankfully there are solutions to manage them as you adjust to your new lifestyle.

For instance, it’s not uncommon to gain weight when you cut gluten out of your diet. Many celiac patients are thin and sickly-looking before their celiac diagnosis, as the damage caused to small intestine prevents the absorption of food. After being on a gluten-free diet for some time, when the intestines have begun to heal, the nutrients and calories in foods get absorbed better. Even though you may not be consuming any more calories now than in your gluten-eating days, it’s likely that you’re going to gain some weight. In fact, studies have shown an increased risk for obesity for gluten-free dieters. However, some people actually lose weight, as the changes to your diet may cause a decrease in caloric intake. Watching your caloric intake and regular exercise can help deal with any weight gain you may experience.

Article Courtesy: G-Free Advocate Tina Turbin

4 thoughts on “The Gluten-Free Diet: Managing Weight Gain

  1. Hello. I have been gluten free for 2 years. I really wouldn't worry too much about weight gain once you're diagnosed. I actually lost 20 lbs off the bat due to the fact that I didn't really know what I could eat. Once I started to figure out the diet, I gained 10 lbs back and have been steady ever since. I feel healthier and definitely have more energy these days.


  2. Do you have any recommendations for a good book or website for a diet plan to follow? I am 45, do not have a Thyroid or Gallbladder and find it very hard to lose and maintain a good weight.
    Thank you

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