TGI Friday's introduces an allergen supplement menu

As of October 26th participating TGI Friday’s offer a new Allergen Supplement Menu.  From the press reslease it looks like the new menu will identify dishes that contain eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, shellfish and more.  TGI Friday’s is not the type of restaurant we usually visit because their food is partially prepared and difficult to change to accommodate those on a gluten-free diet, so this is good news.

We couldn’t locate the new menu online, so we don’t know what type of dishes would be safe for those on a gluten-free diet. More detail on the new allergen menu can be found below:

Using easy-to-read icons T.G.I. Friday’s new allergen menu will break down what food groups/categories may be found in each menu item, including eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, shellfish and more. This new Allergen menu will help guests make informed meal choices regarding their food allergies and help them find the perfect meal to satisfy their appetite.

“We are sensitive to what our guests require and we absolutely owe it to them to take this extra step and have this new Allergen menu available,” said Ricky Richardson, chief concept officer of T.G.I. Friday’s. “People expect to have a great time with great tasting food and beverages when they come to T.G.I. Friday’s and our new menu supplement will help our guests find the food that is just right for them.”

Thank you to TGI Friday’s to taking the necessary step to cater to the allergen community.

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2 thoughts on “TGI Friday's introduces an allergen supplement menu

  1. I like coming to your restaurant but now I am allergic to soy. How do I find out what items have soy? Do you have your new allergen menu posted online somewhere? Please respond.

  2. I am sitting at a TGIFriday's right now, looking at the allergen menu. It's very disappointing and not helpful in the least. It looks to be, that if you have any food allergies/sensitivities, this is not a good restaurant to choose. Nearly every allergen category is next to every menu item. What I've gathered from this is that they must be covering their asses and putting allergen symbols next to menu choices if there's any way they may come in contact with that food. It would be much more helpful to say that "allergen" is or is not an ingredient in this menu item but it may come in contact during food preparation. Agh I am so frustrated right now. I'm going with my gut and hoping the menu item I chose wont kill me. Good luck!

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