Summertime…and the Livin’s G-Free

At 3:45 tomorrow afternoon, summer vacation officially begins.  While I am totally excited about the prospect of not having to get up and gently encourage (yell at) my kids to get dressed, having my Celiac first grader home for the summer means no more cheating while he’s at school.  I’ve got a two year old and a four year old at home with me, and although we try our hardest to show a united G-Free front when my CD child is around, we definitely “cheat” heavily when he isn’t.  Which means I have to seriously think about how I am going to revise quite a few of my routines.  For example…the first day of vacation is a Friday.  On Fridays, we go to yoga in the mornings and then either drive through McDonald’s for happy meals or get five dollar pizza before meeting up with a group of friends for a play date.  So, what to do? My G-Free child obviously can’t eat pizza and happy meals are off limits as well.  I could pack lunches, but then I would have to 1) actually make three lunches and 2) listen to my kids whine about how their lunches suck in comparison to all their friends’ lunches.  All of you parents out there know that younger kids aren’t exactly the most understanding…I’m pretty sure if we deviate from the standard pre-play date drive-thru routine they will declare that having their G-Free brother, Ethan, home has “ruined everything”.  So after checking out G-Free Foodies Guide to Fast Food, I’m thinking I’ll either try to convince Ethan to have a salad (perhaps by bribing with ice cream).  Or there’s always the Sonic drive-thru….we could get a hot dog, and just bring our own tapioca bun (we buy them from Central Market in TX – they have hamburger buns as well and they aren’t too bad).  So here’s a thought….I need all of you G-Free veterans out there to give me some ideas and suggestions…..because you know what they say about raising a G-Free child… takes a G-Free village!

G-Free Mommy Hilary

7 thoughts on “Summertime…and the Livin’s G-Free

  1. I think the Sonic concept might be a good option. That way Ethan feels more involved and the other kids don’t feel robbed. I do think packing a picnic lunch for everyone once in a while would be good too. If you can take them to a park for the play date, or somewhere outside. You may be able to gradually wean the kids off of the fast food and have them enjoying eating the fresh stuff. Good luck! Remind Ethan that it’s all so that he stays feeling good, that might help a bit as well.

  2. I think, like many other things in life, kids learn at a young age that everyone is unique. Unique isn’t bad.. unique isn’t good necessarily either, it’s all about perception to each individual so how we view it can easily project onto our children. Maybe your non CD kids would have no problem with it at all and just see their sibling as unique in the way he has to eat to feel his best. And likewise, the CD child will learn that going through McD’s drive thru is just fine (i’ve heard they have a dedicated fryer for GF fries, but I’ve never asked at my local stores) and he’ll have whatever he can eat on those particular days. I guess my humble opinion is just that avoiding the necessary can sometimes not be the best way to go. Deal with it head on and that’s how kids learn acceptance. Let’s face it, we with Celiac will forever see everyone around us eating the “normal” diet. Yes, for kids it can be challenging b/c their reasoning isn’t like that of an adult, but this is how they learn.. through life experience.

  3. Look for a pizza place that offers GF pizza- we have a few here. Ask the younger kids, at least the 4 year old, for ideas on how to include the older sibling for these meals. Let them know you want the meals to be fun for all of them AND safe for the older one. Maybe they’d suggest, or you could include the idea if they don’t, a picnic lunch and they’d be more inclined to be happy about it if they had some say in it. Include the children in packing the lunches and what goes in them. You’d be surprised how much easier it goes when kids have some say in these choices.

  4. Make your own GF pizza for him? My 7 year old is GF-CF-Egg/peanut free and he never balks at getting his own pizza. As a matter of fact, he probably would eat the whole thing, he likes it that much. Consult with your first grader…how would he like to handle the situation?

  5. Taco Bell is a staple in our treat routine. There are many options that are GF, without special ordering.

  6. I'm so proud of you, Cousin….you're a great mom and I too enjoy your writing style! You will figure this out. Those boys are lucky to have you as their mommy. 🙂

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