Road to Wellness: Shake It Up

I’ve been sharing some of my Road to Wellness story on Facebook, and I decided to share a little more of it here. I’m working on mind/body/spirit, not always in that order, and some days not at all. The self-care part can be a challenge for me, for sure.

I’ve been working via Skype with Dr. Samantha Brody, a Naturopath (and one of my favorite people) to regain my overall health. We had just gotten done reviewing my food diary (what a joy that is, logging every bite you eat, right? yuck.) and discussing the fact that I needed to get more protein and more fiber each day, when I got an email from the folks at Organo.  Did I want try to their new ogxFenix shakes, packed with protein and fiber and formulated for weight loss? It seemed meant to be, so I said yes.

The shake mix arrived right as I headed out of town, so I set them in my office (fancy shaker cups included!) and headed to Southern California. I returned a week later, that exhausted-to-the-bone kind of tired that makes people say they need a vacation from their vacation.

gluten free protein shakeWe had way too much yard work to do, so I made some of the chocolate shake and drank the better part of a pot of coffee and decided to tackle it. I had some energy, I felt full, and I managed to stay focused too. The best part for me is that the chocolate shake actually tastes chocolatey, not chalky or weird or chemical laden, like a lot of protein shakes do.

I tried vanilla the next day, with the goal of getting back to my workouts – which are a combo of yoga, kettlebell, weights, cardio and bitching. The vanilla was also tasty, and was sufficient fuel for a morning session of cardio and cussing. The Organo folks have started a Facebook community with shake recipes and workout ideas, so I’ll be checking that out too. Let me know if your try ogxFenix, or if you have a great workout I should try!

xo – KC


The folks from Organo provided materials for this post. All words and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I work with, which allows G-Free Foodie to grow.


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