Product Review: Miles of Chocolate

It took two years of research to perfect a gluten-free version of Miles of Chocolate and boy howdy did they succeed. Miles of Chocolate is hand made in Austin, Texas by Miles (retired Marine) and his partner Ben.  It is labeled as a ‘baked chocolate dessert’, but that really doesn’t do the four pound brick of chocolaty goodness justice.

Miles of Chocolate is a 100% natural product, made from butter, sugar, eggs, and chocolate. They use traditional chocolate and gluten-free flour (brown rice and tapioca). It is recommended to serve the dessert straight from the freezer, which might seem odd, but it is quite easy to cut because it doesn’t freeze solid.  I like it out of the refrigerator because the texture is slightly different and softer in the middle.

Miles of Chocolate isn’t a brownie, it isn’t fudge, and it isn’t a chocolate bar.  What is it you ask?  The brick has more of a brownie texture around the edges and a rich, creamy, decadent fudge-like/truffle-like texture in the middle.  It isn’t heavy like fudge or dense like a brownie; rather it is quite light.  If it wasn’t for the chewy texture around the edges it almost appears that no baking was involved.  When I cut into the brick, I was just amazed at the layers of texture and wondered how that was achieved.

Miles of Chocolate literally melts in your mouth and just a small square is satisfying and filling.  Miles of Chocolate can be purchased as either a two or four pound brick via their website and it is shipped overnight to preserve its quality.  The gluten-free version is slightly more expensive due to the cost of the gluten-free flours.

Look for Miles of Chocolate to be available locally really soon.  This product would be perfect for a restaurant looking for a gluten-free dessert, because it doesn’t have to be thawed or heated, just cut, plated, add a little fruit or cream and it is ready to go.  It is also a great dessert to keep in your freezer for yourself or guests who follow the gluten-free diet.

Article Courtesy:  Jennifer Harris