Product Review – Just Poppin Organic Popping Sorghum Grain

Just Poppin’s Organic Popping Sorghum Grain is a product I was very excited to test. I could not believe that there could be a corn alternative—that is so available for my gluten-free friends and visitors to enjoy.

When we popped it, it looked like miniature popcorn. It was actually rather cute, and not at all less tasty for this. In fact, it was bursting with flavor, and much more so than popcorn. It became a conversation piece.

Just Poppin Organic Popping Sorghum Grain is slightly sweeter than popcorn with a true popcorn taste. It is low in calories and fat-free, gluten-free, and best of all, free of hulls that get stuck in your teeth like popcorn! Although sorghum is smaller than corn, it has more protein.

You can do so much with this tasty treat. You can simply pop it for a movie or make a whole dessert out of it. How about homemade Moose Munch, folks? Yes, this is what we made. It was fabulous and everyone loved it.

Another one of my testers made popcorn treats for her son’s birthday. She popped the sorghum, added honey, bits of nuts, and mini chocolate chips. She put all of it in a glass dish. After about 10-15 minutes, she cut 2”x 2” squares and put them out for all the kids to have fresh.

You can use Just Poppin’s Organic Popping Sorghum Grain to make Indian, Spanish, Italian and  French dishes. It all depends on what spices you use with it. You can be as creative as you want. For our Indian take, we added a little curry and cumin. Simple! For my evening sweet tooth I added a variety of cinnamon, nuts and currants. Delicious!

The first time I popped the sorghum grain, I was in shock. The little popcorn look-alikes were amazing to see. My husband loves popcorn but doesn’t do well with corn, so he is thrilled about this product. Until you try making some of Just Poppin’s Organic Popping Sorghum Grain, you truly don’t know what you’re missing.

Families are constantly in need of healthy snacks for children’s lunches. At the end of the school day, you’ll often find those healthy snacks still sitting there staring back at you uneaten. Place a small bag of popped sorghum in your children’s lunch box and watch it disappear.

Now, for those of you wondering about using the Popping Sorghum Grain in a hot air popper, here is what Buck, the owner, had to share:

“ Tina- I found a class of hot air poppers that actually work with the sorghum. This is HUGE news, Tina. We’ve had so many people asking about it but every hot air popper we tried blew the grain everywhere – it was like rolling around on the beach. You’d find those little buggers in places you didn’t know you had! It turns out that I kept buying poppers that had the same basic design which did not work with the sorghum.

However, I stumbled across a style of hot air popper that works great with my Popping Sorghums.  It blows the grains around in a circle, as opposed to the poppers I had been using which have a piece of mesh at the bottom center, and the air blows straight up through it. This circular motion keeps the grains in the popper until they can pop – it works like a dream.

So if anyone would like to try the sorghum grain in a hot air popper (and that’s the only way some folks will pop) then take a look inside the popper to see if you have the right style. They may have to look at a few before they find one that’s right. FYI, the 2 bestselling hot air poppers – the one by Orville and the Presto Pop Lite – are the WRONG style for our Poppin Sorghum product.

If anyone does try hot air popping, be sure they let the popper run a full 1-2 mins BEFORE adding the grains. If they add the grains to a cold popper and turn it on, it will dry out the grain before it pops and they’ll have a much lower yield. Also, no one is to worry about a little smoke at the beginning – just the nature of the beast.”

I can say that whenever I popped popcorn in a hot air popper, I felt it always lacked taste. I was eating airy cardboard at best. Well, Just Poppin sorghum keeps its sweet flavor when popped per the instructions above. Yummy!

Popped in a little oil or in a hot air popper per Buck’s instructions above, this is a great treat, snack, gift, and a unique find for us here in the gluten-free arena. You can try it yourself by ordering it at

This amazing company has gone one step further to ensure they are processed in a gluten free environment (no gluten on the premises).  Thanks Buck!

Article Courtesy:  Tina Turbin

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